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PHOTOS: Alaska Airlines Unveils New Alaska-Themed Livery

The newest special livery of Alaska Airlines has taken to the skies. This eye-catching paint job commemorates the airline's home state of Alaska and is painted on a Boeing 737-800. This brand new Alaska-themed livery is painted on N559AS, a 16-year-old Boeing 737-890 which is the former "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" jet. ( More...

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Roy Thomas 14
It's totemic art. Art inspired by the Coastal Native groups of Southeast Alaska.
Russ Brown 12
I still like the original portrayal of a native Alaskan.
Barry Erlich 2
Me too!
fireboy63 11
Some of y'all don't seem to realize that this is a one-off special livery, not the new livery the whole fleet will use. They spent a ton of money on their rebrand a few years ago; they're aren't going to throw all that away. As a graphic designer and native PNW resident, I think it's a really well done design, though I thought they did a masterful job with the previous Salmon-Thirty-Salmon livery on that plane - sad to see that go.
srobak -3
You'd be amazed at how much money almost any company will piss away with high frequency to try to stay visually appealing and "fresh".
Patrick Forgey 7
Some may have no appreciation for the Native Alaskan art, but I'm just glad that AS keeps bringing us special liveries. Compared to the same ol', same ol' we see on virtually every DL & UA plane that flies in and out of SEA, it's really nice to see something different when you're out there plane spotting. AS rocks!
Roy Thomas 5
Ed Crist 3
Well, I like it. I think it is a striking paint scheme. Good job Alaska.
phita 5
Looks gorgeous!
Dobra Debra 6
I think somebody manipulates new squawks page. All posts have (-) votes except this post.
Roger Anderson 1
The Aeroexplorer team doesn't even try to hide it. 10+ upvotes in minutes.
Dan Mena 1
I purchased some of FlightAware's products so I have more upvotes by default...
denverfireman 6
Really don’t care about the paint job. Want competent trained flight crew, a safe aircraft, comfy seats, decent food and drink, no add on fees and an on time arrivals.
WD Rseven -4
You don't get any of these on Alaska Airlines
Frank DeLeon 5
No, I will not turn off my Ad-Blocker! I did get a glance at the paint job, and although it is eye-catching, it's also ugly.
Mike Boote 2
Alaska Airlines is headquartered in Washington, SeaTac to be precise. How is Alaska their home state?
Roy Thomas 6
Alaska Air was born here and is a major part of life for Alaskans. As long as we keep making them a profit so they can discount routes between SEA and LAX I think they will keep the "Alaska" in Alaska Airlines. The 250-mile RT between my home and ANC runs about $400. Alaska pays the bills for Alaska Airlines,
Mike Boote 0
So, you're saying the state of Alaska is subsidizing Alaska Airlines? Why?
masonite 5
I think he meant that the people of Alaska pay the bills for Alaska Airlines because they’re major customers of the airline.
Greg S 1
That's hideous, looks like some kind of psychedelic camo scheme.
John Graham 1
a flying totem pole.
Nolan Clinard 1
Appreciate the artwork's cultural significance but it's a little much for aircraft livery.
Adigun Samuel 1
As the leader in providing advanced, accurate, actionable data and insights that inform every aviation decision
sparkie624 1
Have to turn off my Ad Blocker.. UGH.. No thanks. Interesting Paint Scheme... I think they could have done better... Looks like they went to a Kindergarten class to see what they could come up with. Not impressed.
Randy Barron 1
And even when you turn off your ad blocker, that message keeps popping up, whether or not you get rid of the cookies they put on your browser.
Alan Macdonald 1
That's almost as bad as Qantas's 'special liveries' - I did say "almost as bad"
scottiek 0
What a MESS.
uapilot 1
The Spirit of LSD!
AAaviator 0
They should stick with Jimi Hendrix on the tail.
Michael Ragsdale 0
It was Hillary....
I can hear the guy in the paint shop.

Mark Otterby 0
It's way to busy. I love the Native art but dont wantto drown the aircraft with it. I would love to see a "Golden Nugget" retro themed livery.
Paul Wisgerhof -1
Condor's vertical stripes are worse, but not by a lot.
Elliot Cannon 0
They tried to get rid of the "Charles Manson" on the tail years ago. There was so much negativity and protest against the change, they decided to keep it. I like the new paint better.
D Chambers 0
Oh nooooooooo, Mr Bill
Phil Nolden 0
Nice camouflage job. Switch off the transponder and you have a stealth 737 :)
John Taylor 0
It looks like some WWI battleship camouflage.I'll it bet would be really hard to spot in the approach pattern by other pilots. It's not ugly, but I'll bet it'll blend right in at low altitudes.
N710VE 0
Gonna miss Barbara Bush on the tail…
Pravin Balram -2
All this paint adds weight to the aircraft and extra fuel burn.
C J 4 would this paint add more weight than any other livery? Your argument makes no sense.
TWA55 -3
Another gimick
Ken Jackson 2
When every airline seat is cookie-cutter horrible, “gimick” is all they got. But then, we operated a number of our own AC for 31 years. On the rare occasion that we find ourselves flying these days it is 1st class, which we find tolerable after all those hours in the left seat. Besides, nice art is nice art, no matter the canvas.
Tony Di Bona -4
I agree with Mr. Vallero. Safety first. A big waste of paint and added weight to the A/C. Stick with the 1st Nation Dude on the tail. Keep it simple.
C J 5
Added weight? Every commercial aircraft is painted. Why do you think this would have extra weight?
John Taylor 0
Aircraft paint is so heavy that it has to be added to the Weight and Balance data of the aircraft. Airlines livery like American where a substantial part of the plane is bare aluminum weigh considerably less than fully coated airplanes.
C J 5
Yes, the aircraft needs to be weighed after paint. No, Americans fleet is not mostly bare aluminum and hasn’t been for a good decade. My point is that the argument that this livery is somehow added weight as compared to AS’s typical livery is nonsense and in no way is a “safety” issue


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