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Ukrainians Shoot Down Su-35

It’s just one plane but Ukrainian forces quickly let the world know that they had shot down one of Russia’s most capable aircraft Sunday. A video and photos posted online Sunday showed an Su-35 diving vertically before pancaking in the Kharkiv region. ( More...

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Tom Pips 44
No better news these days than hearing about Russian gadgetry being rendered unusable, both in the air and on the ground. Keep them coming (down). Slava Ukrajini!
Dale Ballok 2
The latest is the sinking of their flagship guided middle cruiser! I’ll state it again, “It’s Russia, against the world”!

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AWAAlum 0
You poor thing!
this post is not for political feelings nor observations,but one cannot help but say, particularly after seeing the horrific photos (not staged by the way)of the teriible destruction, and the deceased people left to rot in the streets of various communities,more power to ukraine and their people..

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Walter Roberts 29
This has been debunked. Deutsche Welle reported a detailed forensic analysis using both satellite imagery (US feeds) and forensic analysis of the feeds. The satellite imagery showed the bodies in the street in the positions later found, unmoved, before the Russian military withdrawal. Next, the film analysis (dashcam) in the truck showed a purported hand waving was in fact, distortion caused by raindrops on the windshield of the filming vehicle. The "getting up and walking away" was reported by an image in the rear view mirror, which was caused not by the corpse moving, but by optical distortions in the right sided convex mirror. This is readily explained by optics physics.

Der Spiegel, another German paper reported that the German security services intercepted contemporaneous radio Russian military radio transmissions identifying the locations of casualties in Bucha.

There's a lot of information independent of the dashcam drive through video that corroborates what happened. Russian reports are simply not credible.
Dale Ballok -2
“Contemporaneous”? Wow! You won the large word use challenge!
Yeah, they get all zombied up with fake blood and just sit on the curb waiting until somebody yells CAR! to run out into position... then right back again the moment after the car passes.

So the organizers convinced (hundreds? thousands?) of people to spend an hour in make-up to play dead in a war zone, but they just couldn't convince those same people to hold their position for more than a 10 count after the car passes by.

Overall Effort....0
Grade. F

You guys suck at lying.

Alan Zelt 30

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AWAAlum 12
Take your hate-mongering somewhere else. It isn't welcome here.
I love the USA. You obviously don't. Delta is ready when you are.
Jimmy Robinson 30
Good for them!
Joe Keifer 16
Imagine what Ukraine could do if the west really cared and wanted to stop this horror!
djames225 6
There is a very fine line you have to draw with the west offering what it can, Joe. I hate seeing mayhem, destruction and loss of life in Ukraine as much as many others do but when you have a trigger happy nuclear capable nutbar calling the shots over there, best to tread along the shore and not cause too many water ripples.
AWAAlum 0
What's this? A voice of reason? OMG

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First we would have to imagine what one has to do with the other, I assume?
Matt LaMay -3
As you can see Marc, the progressives that make up Flightaware in 2022 don't like truth.
djames225 5
Actually it's we don't like bringing non relevant BS into a thread.
If any of you have political views to spew, TAKE IT to another forum!!
AWAAlum 1
If you don't like it, you always have the option of leaving.
Randy Barron 0
You have something against progress?
Bingo Marc. Refreshing to see others have done their research. “Ghost of Kiev” strikes again! Lol give me a break
Drill the bastards!
Yay Ukraine!
If their planes are like their ground equipment not a surprise. I wonder if their industrial companies are also fleecing the government
Wingrat 4
Thomas Degen 2
Yes. It's called nuclear blackmail and now it is real.
Jim DeTour 2
For propaganda reasons let's not mention it was a Russian air defense missile system that captured the target. Although if pressed we can always say it was a Ukrainian kid with a slingshot.
William Torma 2
I went into a ring of fire And it burns burns the ring of fire
Daina Eislers 2
Pancakes are awesome.
WhiteKnight77 1
The proper hardware can work wonders. And since Russia has either floated and overhauled or built new nuclear capable submarines, proper hardware includes assets that can track them, both in the air ot on or under the seas.
EMK69 0
Господь захистить нашу країну
Jimmy Robinson 15
Google translated this as "God will protect our country from Ukrainian". Is this post actually making Russia the victim in this case? I hope not. Ukraine is defending itself and I hope it keeps on shooting down Russian aircraft.
djames225 8
It is actually Ukrainian and is "God will protect our country" Some translators will translate it as "The Lord" instead of "God"
Yes. I'd say "The Lord," also, but it's a subtle difference.
JW Wilson -2
Interesting, all I got in translation was, "God will protect our country." I wonder which it is and I wonder if there is an agenda in the translation program.
Coalora 2
It's called someone misreading the result they got giving the translation and what language it was in, ie. "God will protect our country" from Ukrainian.
When I highlighted the text, a small pop-up window had the option "Translate" with Google translating the text which it did. The translation was what I wrote in my initial reply, no quotation marks in the translation, having copied it instead of actually typing it.

When I copied the text and then used the translation feature on the Google webpage, it translated it as "God protect our country", and that was it. Different result even though Google translated it both times. I tried using the pop-up window option again and the result was the same as it was the first time. Interesting.
It sounds like Google Chrome's (I assume) built in translate feature is appending the "from" language to each translation. You could test this by pasting a test translation from English to whatever in a web page comment box (without posting it) then highlight and get the translation back to English. I'm guessing it will say from whatever also. Easy to misinterpret the result the way it is done. In any case, I hope Ukraine continues to defend itself from the brutal Russian savages. Long live Ukraine.
AWAAlum 3
Refreshing to hear a positive comment. So many people seem to be so down these days that anything and everything elicits negative feedbacks.
aarondmorley 1
It’s certainly written in Ukrainian, the ï character is not part of the Russian alphabet.
Doyle Kaufman 0
You would think Google founder Sergey Mikhailovich Brin who was born in Russia, would get it right.
alan75035 1
rbt schaffer 0
Splash one MIG... Let's hope they receive those BUK 300s in time for round two and shoot them at altitude..
Matt LaMay 2
Except it wasn't a Mig...
Shenghao Han 0
Seems a bit weird, from the pictures it looked like the "Su-35" was in a flat spin, exactly how is questionable... Maybe the missile took out both engines?
I would expect a plane shot by missile in more pieces than shown...
bbabis 11
Most missiles can now explode in close proximity to the target and pepper it with shrapnel destroying or disabling many systems be it engines, fuel, flight controls, etc. Once the pilot or crew ejects the CG also changes significantly and the aircraft can go down many unnatural ways. Bottom line: Scratch one front line fighter.

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sparkie624 20
Down is down... Doesn't matter if they just winged him and spun in, Blue up in the Air, or damaged and became a lawn Dart... down is down and Russia is minus 1 Fighter Jet...
Torsten Hoff 6
It's not the first Russian fighter that seems to have pancaked. I've seen several wrecks that have wound up right-side-up in a field with no apparent forward momentum, wings and horizontal stabilizers largely intact.
Bill Butler 1
The short video I saw looked like the missile hit just forward of the tail rotor. If so, control was lost. I'm not real familiar with helo ops so not sure if autorotation is possible without the tail rotor.
sparkie624 3
Tail Rotor is required for all aspects of helicopter flight. Tail Rotor will bring it down!
Bill Butler 1
Thanks, Sparkie.
WhiteKnight77 1
Not all helicopters have tail rotors. Both Piasecki (which became Boeing-Vertol) and Kaman both built them without tail rotors.
sparkie624 1
Any Helicopter that has a tail rotor cannot fly with out it... If it was not needed, it would not have been installed. The ones that do not require it are the ones with to sets of Rotor Blades.
Kind of makes you wonder why they installed vertical stabilizers on B-52's and two wings instead of one on F-15D's, doesn't it?
WhiteKnight77 -1
As a former rotorhead, I am fully aware of what is and isn't needed. You did not specify that only ones that were designed with a tail rotor needed it for flight. Hughes even took the tail rotor off and gave us the M902 NOTAR. It just uses other means to counteract torque.
sparkie624 1
Even though not really a Tail Rotor, the forced air coming from a Fan is doing the same job and is effectively the same thing.. What would happen if a Rocket blew that end of.... The exact same thing!

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Juan Jimenez -2
Over a year and you're STILL suffering from eight-million-vote-butthurt? You poor child...
Matt LaMay -2
I'm not too young to remember 2016-2020. Selective memory is just like liberalism, it is a mental disorder. But there is help for both, but it's up to you to seek it.
Thanks for the advice, guy who makes a point of letting everyone know he's at least 11 years old.
djames225 0
His research into selective memory needs work as well. 9 out of 10 times it is not a mental disorder, and unless many can undue a stroke, we live with it.
Matt LaMay -2
Oooo. The Biden suckers didn't like that comment 😂
Did you laugh at the joke? You thought it was funny?
AWAAlum 4
Lest you've somehow missed it, this isn't a website about politics.

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Kevin Keswick -6
The pilot ejected and was captured. I hope and pray that he is being properly treated but I fear that is not the case. There are videos of Ukrainian forces executing Russian troops. The Ukrainian Nazi's are barbaric and the west just looks the other way while they commit atrocities not only against Russian troops but Ukrainian civilians. It was the Azov-Nazi's who murdered all those villagers in Bucha who they deemed to be too friendly to the Russian occupiers. It was Ukraine that targeted the train station in eastern Ukraine filled with women and children in a false-flag attack to be blamed on Russia. I could go on and on - maternity hospital, theater etc all false flags.

I read that this aircraft was brought down by a British Starstreak MANPAD which has a 16,000 ft ceiling and Mach 4 top speed. I don't know why Russia hasn't bombed all rail and road links in and out of Poland to prevent these weapons from getting into Ukraine. I really don't understand their strategy.

Trains are travelling freely back and forth to Poland - UK PM Johnson travelled to Kiev on a train. Russia has some high precision missiles that they can use in close proximity to the Polish border so they need to seal-off the border with Poland before any more lethal weapons get in. Boris Johnson promised Zelensky anti-ship Missiles. If any of these missile hit a Russian ship in the Black Sea Putin needs to see that as a direct attack by the UK on Russia since no doubt these UK weapon systems will be manned by UK military advisers. This is not like shipping Ukraine Soviet era weapons they know how to use.

I'm afraid that eventually those of us living in NATO countries will pay a price for arming Ukraine with weapons to kill Russian. The Russian people will never forget this and they can eff us up in all kinds of ways.


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