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IATA: Airplane Passengers At Least Twice As Likely To Catch Covid-19 Because Of Omicron

The omicron variant of the coronavirus raises the risk of infection on board a passenger plane by two or even three-fold, a finding that may foreshadow an exponential increase in cases as millions of travelers take to the skies to be with their families during the holiday season. Concerns about omicron have not led to a drop in domestic travel with United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby noting on Monday that the next two weeks will be the busiest for the airline since the start of the pandemic. ( More...

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ADXbear 7
I just don't fly anymore.. tired of it all
Tom Bruce 1
me, too....bad enuf after 911... worse now
I advise people not to fly because you have to drive to the airport. Driving can be dangerous. It is much safer to stay home and never go anywhere.
Tom Bruce 5
bbabis 24
If they're afraid of omicold then all hope is lost of ever being mask free again until saner minds take over. This time of year all kinds of viruses are moving around of which omicold is one of the nicer ones to get and we've never masked up before. This pipe dream of zero risk of getting sick is sickening in itself.
Huck Finn 10
Henceforth all passengers will be required to hold their breath from the time they enter the jetway until the time they deplane.
Bob Mandel 7
Don’t look for medical advice at FlightAware. Try your doctors.
Bill Overdue 0
The unbiased ones will tell you to live life. If your unaware of comorbidity issues, see a doctor and get the #clotshot if he/she agrees with YOU'RE decision, else take control of your life!
Peter Haas -5
Ha. That’s hilarious. I wouldn’t listen to anyone who can’t spell “your” correctly, at any rate.
Jutta Grimm 1
Super schlau
Paul Wisgerhof 15
Looks like this runs through the population like a brush fire: rapid, intense, and brief. The Brits are now saying you are only 30% as likely to be hospitalized with Omicron and five percent as likely to die. Most people have none to mild symptoms,and many who show up as positive in a rapid/PCR test are unaware they have it.But, let's keep pushing the panic porn.
Yazoo 4
Actually both articles and headlines, including the original one linked in this title article, are very misleading. It essentially states that if you are 2x to 3x more likely to contract the Omicron variant above Delta in public places, you chances would be the same in an airplane. DUH! They don't actually discuss what your odds of contracting COVID are on a plane.
Tom Bruce 4
immunocompromised and us "oldsters" need to be careful, mask up, isolate etc... and probably not fly...
the rest of you?? have at it... tired of the BS from the gov too... but cover IS a threat to many... again, I'll keep my distance, take care of myself and my wife... and watch you all fight it
Jim DeTour 2
Funny thing about humans believing and not thinking. It's said it's a certain distance with survival ratings of the virus traveling in airborne particles. The airlines propose they upgraded their air filters to catch the virus. The intakes for the air circulation and outlets and regions with infections traveled would be the determining factor. Good luck traveling and staying out of the germs and viruses.
EMK69 8
This and many other reasons recently given is why the public is growing tired of the "this happened, this might happen, this could happen," attitude by leading CEO/White House/Medical personnel and others who are supposed to be experts. I'm not talking about F/B "doctors" but rather these leaders of major organizations. There is NO doubt in my mind that the Biden administration is providing talking points to these CEO's. Biden comes out on Wed saying wear the mask, but more importantly, take the shots followed by a CEO who says if you are vaxed it's better protection that we can provide on our planes.

Having spent 28 years in the Military when one mentions full protective suits I think of MOPP Level 4.....not exactly what I want to see when I am forced to use commercial flights.

No matter which administration has been in office since this silliness started factual crisis communications is NOT high on their agenda.
Brian James 13
Given this is a novel virus that has only been detectable for two years, I'm not sure how any organization is supposed to give the public absolute information. The virus keeps mutating and with each variant, different infection rates and levels of sickness are encountered.

What a lot of the public is really getting tired of is this kind of message...that it's all silly. We are never going to be over this until the public stops giggling and starts taking it seriously.
Derek Vaughn 3
Yeah, I probably caught a cold on an airplane once or twice, but then again, I wasn't masked and they didn't clean plane interiors before the covids.
srobak 3
Since it has been a while....

Math time!

USPOP: 332,401,000 ( as of this morning)
USCOVID: 52,800,000 ( as of this morning)

15.88% of population is infected. 16 in every 100 people (up 1 from the last 6 months).

USCOVDEAD: 817,000 ( as of this morning)

1.54% of infected die. 98.46% of those infected survive (up 0.07% since last month = fewer deaths per infected). 3 of every 200 infected die
0.24% of USPOP die. 99.76% of all people in the US survive. 1 out of every 500 people die.

These numbers are in line with the rates prior to vaccinations being available, +/- 0.03%

Simple. Basic. Math.

Here are the covid death probability statistics in the US (total USPOP, even without the vax)

[2.4% COVID Risk Age 80+]
1.1% chance of dying by suicide
1% chance of dying of an opioid overdose
0.9% chance of tripping over and dying
0.9% chance of dying in a motor vehicle crash
[0.6% COVID Risk Age 70-79]
0.3% chance of dying in a gun-crime shooting
[0.07% COVID Risk Age 50-59]
0.06% chance of dying in a fire
0.04% chance of choking to death
[0.02% COVID Risk Age 40-49]
0.01% chance of dying of sunstroke
0.01% chance of dying in an accidental gun discharge
[0.007% COVID Risk Age 30-49]
0.007% chance of dying due to electrocution, radiation, extreme temperatures, and pressure
[0.002% COVID Risk Age 20-29]
0.001% chance of dying in a cataclysmic storm
0.001% chance of being mauled to death by a dog
0.001% chance of being stung to death by wasps and bees
[0.0005% COVID Risk Age 10-19]
0.0007% chance of being killed by lightning
[0.0001% COVID Risk Age 5-9]
You forgot to mention 839,000 dead in the USA from COVID 19. The problem is Covid is highly contagious and deadly and doesn't recognize percentages.
avionik99 8
So now we must mask up and quarantine for every flu that comes our way? This Omicron is far less dangerous than any regular flu! This fearmongering has gone to far! It must be stopped!!
Roch Comeau 1
You'd make a good point if what you said was even remotely correct. Too bad it is not. Where did you hear Omicron was even remotely similar to the regular flu? I don't recall hospitals being overwhelmed like this during any flu season.
dnorthern 8
What you fail to realize is that the stress on hospitals is as much staffing shortages as anything else. A number of hospitals are running patient to nurse ratios of 8/9 to 1 on medical floors and 4 to 1 in ICUs. Typical ratios are 5/5 to 1 and 2 to 1, respectively.

It is. It the lack of physical beds that is the issue, it is the lack of staff needed to manage patients in those beds.

The staffing issues are what is causing the overwhelmed hospitals.
MrTommy -8
There wouldn't be any staffing shortages if the hospitals didn't either fire their staff because of them not taking the jab, or the staff bailed BECAUSE the hospitals demanded the jab.
Shawn Jipp 7
That is simply not true. Staff are overwhelmed with the unvaccinated filling icu beds
dnorthern -5
Incorrect hippy. You don’t have a clue to what you wrote
Seriously, stop with "the jab" crap.
dnorthern -2
Clearly, you are ignorant of what is causing the staffing shortage.
avionik99 0
People filling up the hospitals are not from Omicron. As of recent news only one dead worldwide from known omicron. The omicron symptoms are less then you feel from a hard days work. But them liberals don't know what that feels like do they?
Bill Overdue 4
Well said, no one else will! Overrated BS! It's ALL about fear and control, in that order!
Brian James -3
Wow -

First, where did you get your epidemiology degree?

Second, omicron is filling hospitals. People who are immunocompromised who get omicron are more likely than those who aren't to end up in the hospital.
Sean Mathews 9
"People who are immunocompromised who get omicron are more likely than those who aren't to end up in the hospital."
People who are immunocompromised who get *insert illness here* are more likely than those who aren't to end up in the hospital.
Bill Overdue 4
One doesn't need a degree for "common sense"!
bbabis -1
People rush to the hospitals because they have been fear-mongered into believing they are going to die if they get covid. The only hospitals being overrun are the ones that fired good employees for making informed decisions and now they're short staffed. And you are correct, omicron is not similar to any flu, it is much more similar to a cold. My wife and I, both past 65, just got over it at home and We both have had worse colds. Time for the country to protect the vulnerable, as they should from any illness, and get back to life and liberty.
Brian James 6
Are you from the United States? You might want to check out the situation in hospitals in Alaska, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho...
dnorthern 5
You are correct on the fear mongering part.

As for the balance of your comment, not so much. A lot of nurses and other caregivers have quit for a variety of reasons
Bill Overdue 4 saying you're twice as likely to be shot at the top of the hour as any other minute in Chicago!
dnorthern 5
The latest is that your common cold may actually be COVID.

My mothers medical textbook from nursing school lists coronaviruses as associated with the common cold.
DonDengler -6
Untrue. COVID is not the common cold whatsoever
Michael Cole 6
Attention to detail is not particularly difficult. Maybe, next time read what is written. Thanks for your panic porn.
That's NOT what he said.
dnorthern 2
Bonnie, you may wish to become better educated before flapping that trap of yours. First, he said CORONAVIRUSES. second, here is substantiation. Read and educate yourself.
dnorthern -3
So fricking morons down voted.
godutch 5
Looks like the Biden administration got to IATA. Why else would an aviation industry group cut it's own throat by scaring it's bread and butter?!?!
One has to ask why these articles that state the painfully obvious exist. I expect better from Forbes. Everyone knows 67 percent of all statistics are fabricated 32 percent of the time.
You're worked up about "two or even three-fold"?
Rosomak 1
It’s a joke, Martinson. Try and keep up.
J W 2
Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!
Craig Good 2
Good grief but this site is infested with pro-disease loons. Omicron is spreading at a lightning pace, and flying home to be with family is completely optional. Maybe consider not trying to kill grandma.

COVID-19 is not the flu. It is not the common cold. It is real. Even though Omicron is (fortunately, apparently, a little) less pathogenic than Delta, the increased number of infections is stressing hospitals.

Get vaccinated, get your booster the moment you're eligible, wear a mask indoors when not at home, and try not to be a selfish asshole. This isn't rocket science.
Huck Finn 2
The United States of America has continued on her long slide towards tyranny. I believe it began in earnest during the reaction to 911 when the Transportation Security Administration was formed and did nothing but grow.

Annual budget: $7.78 billion (FY 2020),
Employees: 54,200+ (FY 2020)
Formed: November 19, 2001; 20 years ago

It was all done for the sake of 'safety' and 'security'. Now we have an agency that fines people for not wearing a face mask! Think about it, people not wearing a face mask while in an airport or onboard an airplane face draconian penalties for not wearing a face mask! Two years ago many of you would have scoffed at this however I always maintained that the powers to be and their need for absolute control over our lives would seize this scamdemic as a way to gan a strong foothold in our lives and for what 'safety and security'. Do you feel safer now? Do you feel like the Covid virus won't touch you as long as you wear your mask? Well kiddo, it ain't true. The virus is replicating however now it is a a weaker point than it once was but the fines and penalties for not wearing a face mask or having a vaccine passport are very high.

Think it will stop here? No, it will continue with the next stage being face shields, safety glasses and disposable germ suits. Will it stop there? Absolutely not! It will continue until we have hall moniotors in our own homes! How's that 'safety and security' now?
Baloney ! From a recent press report, "Across the country, a staggering 4,432 firearms were found last year, 87% of which were loaded." TSA security is well warranted. +800,000 dead from COVID in USA. As an individual you have freedom to contract COVID but not spread it to someone else. If you have a better solution I'm sure Dr. Fauci would be interested.
jack slide 1
Did it take a multi million dollar study to figure that out! What happened to common sense, it’s all about cash flow with the airlines!!!
Anthony Acri 0
BS lets see all the CEO of the majors in the US were all of a sudden stating that warin a mask in planes is not needed. The filtration system takes care of all.

But the brain dead got on planes with masks. Time to eat, masks came off and covid took a break

Rosomak 10
Because common sense called BS on their “filtration system”. An diseased person sitting next to me coughs, you really think the virus is going to go all the way through their ventilation and filtration system before I inhale it, 8” away? Lol please.
bbabis 3
If you're 8" away, you already know that person really well and probably already have what they've got.
Do you really not understand why a mask policy wouldn't include not eating food? Really?
Jeraboam -1
The vast majority of flights in North America take less than four hours, about the same time interval between our regular lunch and dinner times. Surely it would be no real hardship to skip eating and drinking for this time aboard. Wearing a mask throughout the flight combined with the excellent ventilation systems would protect passengers and crew and support the beleaguered flight industry.
J T 1
What a joke. Its just a cold. Thanks for the health update flightaware LOL
Peter Haas 0
You’re aware that FlightAware didn’t really say anything. This is research reported by the airline industry itself.
this is not proven at all. It is a theory- and FLightAware needs to make that clear. Stop the fear.
sconklan -2
What! The mask won't protect them. Time for the covidiots to move on. You cannot defeat the virus. It is accommodating us so we might as well accommodate it.
Steve Stein -1
Infecting someone with Covid makes you a real hero I guess from all the ignorant comments. It’s not always about you.
dnorthern 0
Not everyone is a wuss

Nor addicted to pandemic porn
Huck Finn 0
There did you hear my digital cough?
Tim Slater -1
My issue is the headline takes you to Forbes which is based on a Bloomberg article which is based completely on assumptions: "Whatever the risk was with delta, we would have to assume the risk would be two to three times greater with omicron, just as we’ve seen in other environments. Whatever that low risk -- we don’t know what it is -- on the airplane, it must be increased by a similar amount." There's no science here. If Omi is 2-3x more infectious outside an airplane, inside the high flow, downdraft, filtered environment of a cabin does NOT automatically translate to 2-3 times more. This from a doc in New Zealand - oh yeah, the country that shut its borders to everyone. So no - boils down to fear.
Huck Finn -1
I get a kick out of the 3000+ cancellations of flights over the Christmas holidays. Too many airline personnel have been booted from jobs because love their freedom and wouldn't take the vaccine that isn't doing anything to stop the new Omicron cold anyway. The airline upper management are running around like scared little girls making sure everyone has been vaccinated or lose their jobs. The problem has always been a sheep like attitude taken by the airline management that wearing a mask and being vaccinated while aboard an airplane will stop the spread of the Wuflue but it hasn't had any effect at all! The answer, the right answer has always been and will always be 'herd immunity'. Given enough time the federal government will be in charge of the airline industry as well. Just imagine Nancy Pelosi telling you when you board an airplane 'You have to get on the flight to find out where it's headed'! Merry Christmas everyone and to all a happy new year! Remember that if someone asks to see your Covid passport in order to eat dinner at their place you can always go to the Village Inn and get your meal without being subjected to that insult!
Employers have rules and employees have to follow the rules. All employees give up freedom to get a paycheck. Try explaining Herd Immunity to the relatives of the + 800,000 dead from Covid in the USA.
Peter Haas 0
Just here to watch the pro-mass death crowd try to rationalize its uncaring stance. It’s really too bad the already dead can’t weight in…
Peter Haas 0
DonDengler -5
UNITED should hang heads in shame. Firing pilots and flight attendants for refusing those shots. Mr Kirby bragging how all of his employees are vaccinated. A month later, now United cancelling hundreds of trips because of crew shortages out due to COVID. You need to go Mr Kirby !
Chick Woodward -1
2-3 times what? They've said all along that it is unlikely you will get covid on an airplane. Remember that 3 x 0 still equals 0. Stop spreading fear.
Peter Berner 1
and also remember that uniquely is not equal to zero
Peter Berner -1
sorry for typo...make that unlikely and to uniquely
Craig Good -1
You may be pro-disease, but at least you're stumped by simple arithmetic.
Bill Overdue -3
Stop spreading fear... exactly!
Huck Finn -1
I've heard that flatulence spreads the virus. Many's the flights where I have put up with the smell of flatulent people on flights. Wonder if they will soon be fined for farting on an aeroplane?
Josie Rojas 0
Hundreds of flights canceled on Christmas Eve due to Omicron spread! The nationwide spike in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation," a United Airlines spokesperson told CBS News in a statement.
El Kabong 0
If you're not already pursuing your PPL (I started my process in October), then you're not really changing anything by refusing to fly commercially.
John Prukop 0
Alberto Prieto -2
Panic never it’s good. Omicron it’s more only more spreadable but in 90% it’s like normal flu, since it appears only 23 people all around the world have died directly from this variant. Human body can handle virus, take precautions like facemask clean hands. Ask your doctor
It looks like opposition from the Anti-Vax crowd is slowly dying off.
Huck Finn 1
Why pray tell are all the vaxed people getting the virus then?
Craig Good -1
They aren't, dimwit. If you're fully vaccinated your odds of infection are vastly lower, and your odds of dying are near zero. You're also less likely to transmit the disease.

Try to keep up.
dnorthern 4
Actually, dimwit, it is referred to as breakthrough infection.

And provide a source demonstrating near zero mortality.

You are an arrogant whole devoid of any redeeming quality
wayne holder 1
Can anyone define what fully vaccinated is for me. I see the same wording on commercial vehicles stating there company is fully insured and I don't understand that statement either.
Who spreads the viruses? THE AIRPLANES.
dnorthern -9
Sounds like the statistic was harvested from the toilet. Close to the source
lfilipov747 -5
Omicron has been likened to the common cold. Probably because it is. People have been flying for years with colds. This is all so ridiculous.
KazeemAmoo -7
The knowledge on the various covid-19 variants seems inadequate enough in spite of the catastrophic effects they are having in reshaping loves across the world; political and economic concerns and considerations could have been a great evil constraints to safe the world.
You can say that again.
KazeemAmoo -4
The knowledge on the various covid-19 variants seems inadequate enough in spite of the catastrophic effects they are having in reshaping LIVES across the world; political and economic concerns and considerations could have been a great evil constraints to safe the world.


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