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A Look At Honeywell’s Bizarre Boeing 757 Flight Test Aircraft

Honeywell Aerospace is known for its ground-breaking research in aviation technology. The Phoenix-based aviation firm offers products and services to airliners, business jets, and general aviation market. To examine its products and innovations, Honeywell relies on a fleet of highly modified aircraft capable of handling rigorous tests and quality checks. The firm’s Boeing 757 is one such airplane that has proved to be a reliable workhorse over the years. ( Más...

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Paul Hurford 6
As a passenger, I always looked at the airline schedules to see if a 757 was available - I really was unconcerned about the airline. I truly loved that aircraft and had hoped that it would the future replacement of the 737. That was not to be; sad.
Philip Lanum 2
Working for Boeing in the late 80's I remember the 757 that had a F-22 flight deck attached to the front of the aircraft for Flight Control SW testing. Strange looking thing.
Was a B720 ...
Honeywell/Garrett/AiResearch had a B-26 with a mount in the nose (bombardier "seat") for a turboprop. This AC is the second one so-modified. Previous had the mount near the nose on fuselage split line. Got photos.
Randy Barron 1
Seems like the bigger story is that the 757 is widely adaptable for a range of uses limited only by our collective imaginations (and budgets).
I loved flying the 757


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