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Invasive wasp species forcing aeroplanes to abandon take-off in Australia

An imported wasp species is posing a “significant risk” to aircraft safety in Australia, new research has found. Planes were forced to abandon take-off and, in some cases, return shortly after departure in a series of incidents at Brisbane Airport, prompting research behind a study published in the journal PLOS One on Thursday. An experiment found that the invasive species Pachodynerus nasidens was building nests in aircraft speedometers, blocking the instruments within minutes of the wasps… ( More...

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Tom Novak 1
I wonder if low ferquency sonic repellent would work.
Leo Aubry 3
Call Trump he'll come up with someting !.......
Wouldn't that be high freq?
Highflyer1950 1
Aaaaah, be the first company to STC a retractable pitot tube system......if you won’t cover them, then hide ‘em?
Are those speedometers in mph or km/h?
bbabis 1
Maybe not as prolific, but this problem has been around as long as pitots have. As far as pitots go, I remember a simple device designed to block the pitot entrance, open at slow speed, and then drop back over the opening when speed decreased after landing. It may not be that simple with the Rosemont probes and other types but it may be a place to start. Other than that, high heat resistant covers need to be placed on the probes upon parking at susceptible locations.
belzybob 1
Hardly great research. The problem has been confirmed and known about for at least eight years and precautions are taken to protect the vents when parked.
linbb -1
Wow in aircraft speedometers, wow where is that located? Dumb post as it would be in the pitot tube end outside the AC. Doubt if they would crawl all the way to an insterment called an airspeed indicator.


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