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Passenger In Virginia Refused To Don Mask, Delaying American Airlines Flight

American Airlines says a flight out of Virginia was delayed after a passenger refused to comply with its policy requiring a face mask. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the incident occurred Sunday morning at Richmond International Airport. The airline said the plane returned to the gate. And the passenger ultimately exited the plane. The flight then departed for North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport without further issues. ( Más...

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Torsten Hoff 17
I have bad news for that idiot: even Greyhound (which he/she will be taking from now on) requires that people wear a mask.
There have been many incidents when passengers board planes despite knowing that masks are required. Maybe passengers should acknowledge an agreement to the effect that they know maskd are required and if they continue with boarding then later refuse to wear a mask and cause a delay or return then the passenger(s) are liable for costs incurred in the delay or in turning around a landing an aircraft to deplane the passenger. I say take them to court and cause them to pay for the expenses and inconvience to other abiding passengers. Enough of their BS tactics of boarding then refusing.
Maybe we need to bring back the post 9/11 zero tolerance for bullshit from other passengers rule. You know, the one that would have this guy continuing on to his destination zip tied to his seat while wearing his own underwear as a mask.
Robert Cowling 5
I'd rather see them zip-tied to their seat with a plastic bag over their head. I'm waiting for the Darwin Awards to start honoring the nattering nabobs of virus denial that have died from the 'democrat hoax'. It was awesome when the news reported on the guy that denied the virus existed and never wore a mask, and got sick, and before he died said 'I think I made a big mistake'. Yep...

If anything, a lifeguard is needed at the gene pool.
James Driskell 4
Of course, Spiro Agnew described them best. Just like ol' Herbert Cain, "I don't need no mask to show that I'm an idiot!"

I'm sure that in many of these cases, the travel really wasn't necessary. Airline traffic in my area is picking up but for what reason? No wonder the virus is spreading beyond control.
Evolution at work. It is real.
Richard Orgill 3
I suspect as times goes on we are going to be seeing a lot more of these "refusals." Not agreeing with them just starting to see more and more at ground level even though masks are required in our area.
Bernie20910 2
Why were they allowed to board in the first place?
Probably because they were wearing masks at the time.
you cannot fix stupid..wearing a mask is at present the biggest and only shield we have against this virus..its not big deal..medical personnel,painters,and those around ill family members wear them all the time, as do people with allergies..the people who refuse are being selfish and yes,stupid..the person should be made to pay monetarily for inconveniencing others...
This is fake Coronavirus-19, news. That person is not an idiot. However, policies have to be complied with in order to continue services.


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