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Continental To Lay Off 500 Workers In Houston

The job cuts, starting in April, will continue through June 30 and will affect Continental’s offices at 1600 Smith Street and 600 Jefferson Avenue. Primarily employees working in management and clerical duties will lose their jobs. “There’s minimal impact on front line employees” such as pilots, flight attendants, gate agents and other people who work at the airport, said Continental spokeswoman Julie King. ( Más...

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Wendell Smith 0
Well we new that was coming. Sad for those getting laid off.
James Swinnen 0
No good deed goes unpunished. Continental has done better in recent years than United, so who gets fired? Continental has been my first-choice airline for the last 10 years, but I will be keeping a careful eye on what happens. If quality of service goes down, not living at a hub, I will have no reason to maintain any loyalty to the new venture.
JS, truer words have never been spoken. RIP, Continental. It's the death of the US' last great airline brand.
Tim Self 0
I've been thinking of switching to Greyhound anyway, what with all the extra fees and such for everything from bag checks to exhorbant change fees. Continental isn't the only one, though not Southwest, but I had to change a flight and it cost me over $307.00. It was for medical reasons and I "may" get some back but not most so my ticket from LCH to ICT cost almost $900.00.
Larry Lenihan 0
I guess they'll just have to charge more for baggage, blankets, pillows.....I'll just keep flying Southwest. :o)


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