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No more control tower at airports

I think this is a great idea...It show how so many other countries are way ahead of the US in technology. ( More...

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s2v8377 8
What do you do when a spider builds a web and sits there in front of the camera? Also what's the plan for when the camera breaks or there's an IT issue?

Cameras cannot replace the feel of being at an airport for ATC's.
sparkie624 1
Call an exterminator to clean the lens.. LOL...
Richard Fox 1
Gosh some people hate change. Give it 10-15 years and there wont be pilots in planes.
Edward Bardes 9
Pilotless planes will never exist.
sparkie624 2
Oh yeah... I can see it now... A computerized pilot on approach to the airport, but got clearance to land, ATC Computer all of a sudden reboots due to a windows error, and does not save the landing info of the first plane, and clears another plane to land on the same runway at the same time... Hmmm Why do I have a problem with this... Not enough room to list all the answers.
gordon turner 11
Works great!!.... Until it doesn't
Jim Myers -5
The same thing applies to a regular tower, so what's your point?
Edward Bardes 9
Technology has limitations that simply cannot be surmounted without humans.
djames225 7
Umm..a pair of eyes on a craft can see a lot better than a camera with no power going to it?
JJ Johnson 3
Great idea for low traffic airports. The FAA will probably migrate that way around the year 3000. Then they will say we modernized!
Bernie20910 2
Great... until you have a gear problem and want the tower to check it as you make a low pass.
sparkie624 2
Make a very low pass and let the computer analyze.... come back in 4 or 5 hours for results!
Bernie20910 4
PIC: HAL, we're declaring an emergency and request that you roll the trucks.

HAL 9001: I cannot do that, Dave... go around.
joel wiley 3
Works well, until the power goes out, data feed lines get cut, or malware introduced by hackers...
joe milazzo 2
I have news for you.... we already have a virtual tower in the United States! Leesburg Virginia. It’s still in beta but is operational. The controllers are actually in the upstairs conference room at the terminal The room has no windows, just video screens that are connected to cameras all over the field.
the future and new technology comes about whether we like it or not doesn't it...the towers have always been kind of a "reassuring" presence to crews and to people goes on...
James Simms 1
Lot of smaller airports (such as TCL) cater to sport charters. First time there’s a disaster involving a sports team & this is determined to be a cause, there'll be finger pointing as to what genius thought this was a great idea
John Manley 1
correct me if im wrong but doesnt JYO - Leesburg, VA have a remote controlled tower operated by Potomac Consolidated TRACON located in Vint Hill Farms Station, VA?
True, but JYO is a very special case. Just north of IAD [Dulles International] and deep in the Washington Special Flight Regulation Area it only operates with general aviation aircraft, no scheduled/commercial service. All a/c have to have working transponders and two way radio. Pilots have to have passed an FAA exam to have permission to operate into JYO.
djames225 2
I would not say it's deep in the SFRA, as it sits on the outer boundary of the 30nm SFRA nmarker. Also, it never had any tower operations prior to 2015. I've been to a few of those "pilots take charge" airports, and if you get a grumpy pilot on the day you want to fly out, it can make4 for a miserable experience.
John Manley 2
I'm from the DMV... trust me I'm well aware lol ;)
joe milazzo 1
LOL.... we posted at the same time!
djames225 1
It's 1 of the test airports mentioned in the article. "Swedish defence company Saab has been trialling remote air traffic control for around a decade, with testing taking place everywhere from Ireland to the US to Australia."
Not to rain on this article, but NAV Canada & Searidge Tech. have also been at this for a bit, at larger airports in both Budapest and Milan.
indy2001 1
Very deceptive title, especially considering this new technology is only for smaller airports.
djames225 1
Actually it is use in some bigger airports, and London City is due in early 2020 on a test basis.
Martin Cooper 0
Why do you think planes must be equiped with ADS-OUT by 1/1/20? We are slowly heading in this direction, maybe not tommorow, but it's coming, Genetation-X pilots doesn't want to be a "Doolittle," they just want to fly a plane with the same amount of traing as getting a driver's license, and a plane that almost takes off and land on it's own.
atlphx 2
Cant be a true aviation website without a boomer attacking young pilots. I know plenty of young pilots that are just as good or if not better than the "glory days" of flying.
Martin Cooper 1
I'm not attacking young pilots, I'm speaking of how Aviation is trending. A matter of fact how everything is trending, now you have cars that are parallel parkimg themselves, good drivers, and can do such themselves, but why bother when you can buy a car that does it. The same with Aviation.
Martin Cooper -1
Stop and think, all this is to make Flying SAFER, and to relieve the pilot's WORKLOAD that Instrument Rated pilots are always complainimg about, now they are complaing about that which will take away their complaining.
deltafoxco -1
Might as well, based on current capabilities of some current controllers, it might be safer to let pilots and computers do the job.
sparkie624 3
I disagree.... Replacing man in any activity with a machine that has to make snap decisions that many times are based on opinion is wrong... A computer can make good decisions based on fact however they are not very good when basing a decision on an opinion... You may as well deflate 'Otto'


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