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American Airlines Asked Its Employees to Describe the Airline in 3 Words. What Resulted Was Sad, Sad, Sad

American Airlines realizes it may not have listened enough. To its customers, certainly. To its employees, too. So the airline launched something called American Voice. This involves asking American's employees what they, you know, really think about the airline. But you know what happens when you ask people to sat what they really think, don't you? In a corporate context, it means they may not tell the truth. They'll try and phrase things nicely, perhaps. Or they might let their… ( Más...

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tom mcdo 7
I stopped flying years ago. I drive or stay home
lynx318 2
Flying is for the birds... but not penguins.....emus....ostriches....kiwis....
Luis Rivera 13
US airlines are greedy, less leg space, no food etc.
As of now, I'm in a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, 5 hr flight , no food only a soda/water served in a cup and a small cookie/snack.

That's why no US airlines are in the best of the world list.
Cansojr 2
Hi Luis, do you find a difference between Internationa and Domestc Flights. In Canada this is expected. On the domestic side of Air Canada is below average. However, their international flights are really excellent. Crew fatigue really affects the delivery of coherent and polished service. The low cost carrier in Canada is an abomination. Avoid Rouge and Swoop as if they had the plague. In this world cramming in passengers is an art. If you fly with either Rouge or Swoop you are not ready for the coming abomination you will experience in anything that resembles customer service from both low cost carriers. You pay for your food and a beverage selection for about $40 CAD. You can purchase a larger seat for an additional fee. Your back and legs will thank you later.
Melted 0
There is nothing on the in-flight menu at Swoop for more than $4.99 - please do not lie. Drinks are $9 tops (wine). And the seats are actually comfortable and I had no problem with leg room (I am 172 cms). Actually, all my family was supwr happy with both value ans service for our Hamilton to Abbotsford trip. ULCCs are the best thing that could happen to Canadian market.
Cansojr 0
I did not lie. Mind your manners. This info comes from two different carriers.
Cansojr 5
It sounds like the great years of flying with the "Luxuryliner" have disappeared. What does American need to remedy this corporate mess. I flew from CDG to Kennedy a couple of years ago and the service was superb. It's a shame that a great corporate image falls apart.
Paul Wood 4
When I fly I use Southwest whenever possible. Have yet to have a bad experience with them. A major problem we have in the transportation arena in the US is that we rely too much on air travel. This restricts us to the limited amount of aircraft available with the associated limited capacity. The airlines thus try to maximize the number of seats in each type of plane while at the same time increasing profits. Not good for traveling public. What we need to do improve our rail system to where it can compete with the airlines on trips of up to 500 to 600 miles. Rail could then dominate in this market and allow the airlines to focus on the longer hauls.
teufel wolf 0
Americans do not want money spent on infrastructure anymore that would benefit average people. It goes against the Cult of Ayn Rand that dominates our political system. Greed is good, anything else is socialism.
Part of "Making America Great Again" is returning the country to travel culture of the 1930's where the majority of people NEVER traveled outside their own country. Flying was only for the super rich, driving more then 40 miles was only for he brave who could poor roads, suspect bridges, and such.
Paul Hurford 3
When I was traveling on business in the 90's and early 2Ks, AA was my choice of Airline. I had so many upgrades I hardly ever flew coach. The flight attendants were great, the food slightly degraded over that time, and I for one didn't mind flying on MD-80's. SJC was my origin airport and AA was convenient. As my business travel diminished, when flying I noticed a whole different paradigm. AA was no longer an airline I wished to travel on. So I switched to Southwest. Even though seating lines are a hassle - it is much preferred over the lousy AA service. From flight attendants to midget seats, cancelled and delayed flights I was done with AA unless they were the only game in town.
Betty O 3
I have not flown on American since July 1992, when I had To take a flight from OKC to WAS. They thought it was just fine to assign a seat to a 2 year old girl 10 rows away from her mother (me). This was obviously in the days before you could get your seats at booking, and we were both flying on the same reservation. I was even willing to hold her on my lap, but was told I couldn’t do that, and no, the flight attendants were not going to help me find a friendly passenger who might switch seats with me. Luckily, a kind gentleman on the flight saw the unhappy toddler and switched seats with me... he had an empty seat next to him!
M20ExecDriver 3
Delta should have a survey of its customers but more than likely the CEO doesn't have the balls.
paul gilpin 3
paying customers be damned. we've got to keep those wall street bankers happy.
teufel wolf 0
Exactly, the job of any publicly traded company is to increase shareholder equity in the short term.
bentwing60 3
If you have paid attention to how Crandall, and everything downstream treated the employee group, you might wonder who was stupid enough to ask the question. Let alone publish the answer!
As a retiree from AA I was talking to a senior flight attendant about all the changes and she stated that even though the airline says American Airlines,it is really US Air.
Mike Mohle 5
Translation: "This place sucks"? LOL
lynx318 4
"This Airline SUX!"
Tim Egan 4
When AA and USAIR merged, the board of directors kept Doug Parker and his gang of idiots in place to run the new company. These are the guys that presided over 3 previous bankruptcies of an airline that became known as "Agony Airlines". Then they changed the name to escape that and it's new moniker became "Useless Air". Time for a new board of directors and people who know what they are doing.
Ray Toews 2
I read about the competitive business and lack of profit in the airline industry,,,an industry that is high consequence yet has the courage to invest in new equipment to the tune of billions of dollars.
I don't think I would be willing to invest in this type of doom and gloom business.
Yet strangely there are new startups all the time.
Methinks there is a secret somewhere.
How are the people doing,,,,the ones who invest in engines and air frames they then lease out at exorbitant rates to airlines thereby ensuring the airline never makes money.

It's like the auto industry, all the attention is paid (by the press) to the assembly plant who are always losing money. On the other hand the guy making the headlight switch is doing just fine.

Hmmmm. Just curious how that works.
WhiteKnight77 2
Be careful of what you ask for, you just might regret it.
I'm Australian & traveled to the US frequently over last 10 years, we usually fly AA due to QANTAS code-share & previously found AA very average with tired staff & aircraft (MD-80'). Recently we flew DFW-ORD, ORD-SEA & SEA-DFW on the new AA 737's & wow what an improvement in seat comfort, in flight entertainment & friendly more positive crews. Sadly though the in flight meal purchases usually ran out by rows 8-10 & so did the crew smiles (not their fault) due to the complaints from passengers so bad luck for those up the back. Maybe the AA Execs should fly up the back row & see it from the customers view, maybe even give being a flight attendant for a day a go! Listen to your staff they're you're best asset & resource. Congratulations on the improvements though but there us still a way to go.
Paul Ellmore 2
You want cheap fares ... You get cheap service. You want the elaborate customer service of TWA ... You can not afford it.
Donna Welker 4
My husband and I are retired. We do not travel anymore. Flying ihas become an endurance challenge. We’ve had it with late flights. lack of crew, small leg room, miniature lavatories, cramped seating, & cancelled flights. It is much more pleasant to stay home!
Don Orlando 3
Having flown domestically on business for about 20 years, I'll be the first to admit that service and standards have deteriorated significantly. Presently, my favorite airline is Southwest, but their boarding process does leave much to be desired! Too much emphasis is placed on pleasing the Wall Street thieves and not enough on pleasing their customers!
teufel wolf 0
The majority of American voters want to please the wall street thieves. That is why we keep electing them. As a country we want to be treated this way.
alan75035 3
The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote
"Stink, stank, stunk"!
saso792 3
AA sucks big time when it comes to paying their three wholly owned regional employees. Republic, SkyWest, ExpressJet and Endeavor all pay more to their pilots. The quality of life at the AA WO three is terrible, especially if you live out of base. I don't believe for a second that they plan on treating employees better just because of a survey. They have a long track record of doing just the opposite.
Kevin Burgess 2
My last trip on American Airlines was 3 days before 9/11. The reason is that the flight attendants were the rudest, most arrogant, unfriendly people I've ever seen in a customer service role. Not just one, all on that flight. I thought they were joking the way they were behaving. All of their behavior was unprovoked by people I saw them interact with. Never again.
It's not just American, all the domestic airlines have become an embarrassment. I drive my car, I would much rather drive than fight the rude, arrogant airlines. I stopped flying about 6 years ago, I had enough of the attitude toward passengers. I do have to fly when traveling internationally and I try to fly an American carrier. However even airlines such as Turkish Air out perform our carriers. I am not an advocate of more controls but the lobbyists have the government in their pockets. Bribery is alive and well in Washington D.C
Richard Bushey 1
We now only fly once a year on AA to Hawaii first class. It’s not what it used to bem but it’s barely tolerable. Can never use miles, just buy the ticket. We will stop doing this in a few years.
Wayne Fox 1
It seems that with every acquisition, service has gotten worse and comfort has also gotten worse. I will never fly them if I have a choice of other airlines.
Couldn't read the article on the iMac here - page hung endlessly ....
I am rather shocked that anyone in a management position at American would ever give their employees this opportunity. We gave up on AA after spending the night at DFW after one of their convenient for them allegedly caused by weather which was a bill clinton stretch of the imagination. Absolutely amazing!


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