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Midwest Express files with SEC in first step toward official comeback

It's a start, but the official comeback of Midwest Express kicked off with the private stock offering to the SEC made by executives spearheading the effort. As of right now, it's all preliminary as there's no set timeline for the return of the iconic airline brand. ( Más...

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Braniff77 3
Do they plan to bring back the warm in-flight cookies?!
Mikel Wynn 1
In a previous news article I read about, they teased the idea for bringing back the cookie. We'll have to wait and see!
joe milazzo 2
Wow!!!! Now that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while! Oil prices are higher then they’ve been in the last five years and expected to climb! What a great time to start an airline......... they have no leverage to hedge fuel!!
Interesting. Is this going to be a new variant of MEP, or did they actually get the rights and IP back from Frontier? The rights to the brand for MEP was bought and merged into FFT back in 2010.

Regardless, this may not be a good time for them to make a comeback, as with oil prices going up with no sign of stopping, they may become the next Skybus - return with service, but get crushed due to high oil prices and not being able to hedge prices due to how high oil prices currently are.
Mikel Wynn 1
I'm inclined to agree. Even though it's an interesting development, part of me seriously questions if this is nothing more than a mere chase for nostalgia or if they seriously intend to serve and fulfill a market demand. And based on previous revival start-ups in recent years, this new Midwest Express venture may not last long. We'll have to wait and see...
mkeflyer 1
SWA and Delta won't ever let it happen. They will flood the markets since all the YX FF base flies either of them.
ADXbear 0
Need a dipatcher.. I'm right here.. hit me up


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