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United Suspends Pet Cargo Flights After Recent Problems

United Airlines said it’s suspending a program that transports pets in cargo holds. It will stop accepting new reservations for its PetSafe program, though it will honor any reservations made through March 20, the airline said. ( More...

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mike bialko 2
So back in the summer of 2017 I was in Houston on a connecting United flight. I watched a United Pet safe van drop off a dog and leave it on the hot tarmac for 22 minutes. The temp outside was 106F. Can you imagine how hot it was that day for the dog inside the crate. This is nothing new for United!
ToddBaldwin3 0
That's why, when I PCSd back to Texas from Germany, I used a dedicate pet transport service. They still fly on commercial carriers, but the transport service takes the animal to the aircraft, and meets them a the destination airport, in an air conditioned vehicle. It was a bit expensive, but well worth it.
phil gibson 1
Ever seen the video...United Breaks Guitars”? Check it out!
What I mean is “it ain’t working”. Get out of the dog (pet) business and into the people business. Haul inert freight in the holds where problems don’t make headlines and make people go bezerk.
william baker 1
I’m glad they are doing a full review and hopefully they will make the program better for both the pets safety and comfort and the owners and breeders shipping the pets. They have noticed a issue and are trying to fix the problem.
I do not get it. I am epileptic and I have a service dog. The thought that my dog needs to be in the cabin with me is not only selfish of me, it is not fair to my dog or the people around me. While I can be 'that guy' and demand my 'rights' to fly the dog, mostly only douche bags with fake service animals play that card. Unless there is a LONG LONG thing, I drive. She will join me on the company flights (charter or my families plane). Upsetting the travel of so many others is just stupid.

Dont even get me started on "Service Turkeys" and on and on and on...


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