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Small plane crashes in bay off Seattle

nobody injured, looks like a 152. Wonder if it was a training flight gone awry. ( More...

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ariana suppa 2
I wonder what happened? A stall is what I'm betting on. Those small aircraft scare me yet I want one.
linbb -1
Posters like you need to find somewhere else to post as you know little about aircraft or how they operate. Go troll youtube.
ariana suppa 1
Ok I'm not going to be rude about this. But do you know how many countless books I have read about aircraft,how many courses I have taken learning mechanics. Maybe I'm not a pilot YET,but in the next few years I may actually have a pilots license. So no I'd rather not troll YouTube. :)
Ricky Scott -3
Wish Flightaware staff would do something about the negative squawk people. Almost every Squawk has a pile of negatives. They should start tracking them.
linbb 1
This one got mine due to the speculation of the poster not the crash itself. Post the news release leave the speculating to the FAA or news people.
Ricky Scott 2
Who died and put you in charge of who and whom cannot speculate. And I certainly wouldn't trust news people to speculate if the sun rose in the east or not. Your one of the reasons I dont contribute to much. Your more than likely one of those that say if your not an Airline pilot your not allowed to post.
Ricky Scott 2
Oh and maybe English isn't your first language. I said I wonder if it was a training flight. Not that it was. I also said something went awry, an engine failure would be something that went awry.


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