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Fruitless search for MH370 could mean bountiful catches for fishermen

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, though fruitless in terms of finding the aircraft, should provide fishermen in the Indian Ocean with detailed sea-floor maps, and help them land huge catches. Australia, Malaysia and China ended the search for the Boeing 777 airliner on Tuesday, after a $150 million hunt over almost three years failed to find any trace, leaving one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries unanswered. ( Más...

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Allan Hickman 3
I fail to understand why NOTHING of the passengers luggage has ever surfaced, or any of the polystyrene insulation in the aircraft ( or indeed ANYTHING that floats ... has not been seen... can someone please tell me.?
joel wiley 2
Nothing that has been recognized as one of those parts you mentioned has been reported. Stuff may have been 'seen' but not recognized as a piece from the plane or contents.
That ocean is a very big place.
joel wiley 4
So one unintended consequence is that the illegal fishing fleets can strip mine new fishery stocks without worrying about snagging their trawls on an airplane.
tracytearata -3
why on earth do you talk such rubbish you cannot help yourself making such unorthodox comments which turn up fruitless and make no sence
Randall Kimm 1
joel wiley 1
With what do you agree? The rambling incoherence, the use of alternative grammar and spelling, or the question of why I posted what I did?
Randall Kimm 1
Uh huh!
tracytearata 1
good luck to them if they find any part from the doomed aircraft the Indian ocean is full of rubbish shipping containers etc
hoppythe747b 0
Agree with you there it's a vast wide spread ocean with deep craters in there


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