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BRITISH AIRWAYS Concorde at Kai Tak

I know this is old, many of you might have seen it, but I just saw it for the first time. I also know it's no Boeing, it's uneconomical to fly, it's polluting the air on a grand scale, but it's a beautiful bird none the less. ( More...

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preacher1 7
I only got to see one in my lifetime and that is when they did a PR deal down at LIT back in the 90's and didn't get to go inside on that deal. Invitation only for that. That landing at Kai Tak is what seems amazing. Looking at the video, there doesn't appear to be any crosswind at all. I cannot remember ever going in there when there wasn't at least enough to cause you to CRAB and slide sideways a bit after you called the board and turned instead of straight in. Ah, he good old days. LOL
Thomas Cain 5
When I used to work out in Long Island and waiting in a traffic jam on the Grand Central Pkway I used to see the morning flight from Heathrow on approach to JFK. Hed on with it's nose down it looked like a giant Preying Mantis!!
bentwing60 3
I think that's kinda like sayin Ah the good old days when talking about radio range and ndb's versus GPS. LOL
preacher1 6
Yeah, you wouldn't take anything for the memories but wouldn't do some of the stuff again for a million bucks. LOL
japanjeff 1
Oooo! Never realized a Concorde has been to LIT before!
preacher1 1
Yeah, some kind of tourism promo.
lynx318 1
Amazed at how well it banked & handled at landing velocity, kinda thought that supersonic craft didn't handle well that slow. Shows how good the design really was.
bentwing60 5
That's not old, it's classic! I'm old and sad to say I never had the pleasure of seeing or hearing one in action.
I completely forgot that part.It was loud for sure but when it took off if you even remotely close it would shake your insides.That was something else.
I go to the local airport where I worked for many years and the UPS Airbus A-300 does the same thing.
No landing was the same.My brother in law used to take me to Dulles Airport to watch it land.What an awesome sight,every time.
Those were the days when you could go onto the obversation deck under the tower.You are right Preacher1,those truly were the good ole days.
Derek Thomas 3
They were beautiful birds!
oowmmr 2
The Captain gets to really fly her on down at that airport. He really greased her. Georgeous bird!!
preacher1 1
yeah he did, and Captains generally did. Of course you have to let your fist learn but I never went in there without my hands on the controls matching his every move. Autoland really didn't work well there. Something about calling the board and that hard right turn. LOL
oowmmr 1
I've read the SST handles very well, flying heavies on that approach must be a hand full.
preacher1 5
well, a 757 not really a heavy although classified as such on account of wake but Kai Tak was pucker city, I don't care who you were or what you flew but it was just part of the job. I didn't have to go in there near as much as some of the 121 guys but once was plenty. I'd personally like to see it put in a modern day SIM category and made mandatory and see what some of these young hot shots could do with it. It would be interesting.
Just a question: "Why do people down vote this?"

Of course it's their right, everybody has their own opinion, but I try to understand the logic behind their opinion. 9 people voted thumbs down for this old video of a beautiful airplane going into an exotic, no longer existing airport that has a reputation of being a challenging job. What reason can they give?
I remember one hot summer day on the observation deck looking through the rental binoculars watching the Concern landing on runway 1R.with the AOA it landed with and the power being put out by the engines it appeared as if it was blowing asphalt from the runway.That was the most amazing site I have seen to this day ,40+ years later.
Of course I can't leave out the Lime Green and bright Orange Braniff 747s.
Concord, not Concern.Sorry folks- spell check strikes again.My spelling is bad but I need no help making it worse.
lynx318 1
Asphalt ripping up? The Airport staff would have been "Concerned"! :D
pkringsr 1
Well I didn't see this , thanks for finding it! and sharing
Ray Dahl 1
I did a walk-around in LAS when a Concorde was on display. I was quite surprised how big and heavy the brakes appeared. Flying a 727 Boston to Bermuda one fine day a Concorde went over Eastbound. We could feel the pressure wave from the sonic boom. ONE NOISY AIRPLANE!
My Mother was in the hospital at NIH in Bethesda Maryland in 1976 and had a chance to talk to some locals. They said that the only people that complained about the noise we the ones living 40 MI away. Dad said that with his back to the Concorde you couldn't tell it from a DC9 noise wise
Chris Bryant 1
I never got the privilege of seeing one in action. I have seen one on the tarmac at LHR and I toured the one at the Intrepid Museum in NYC.
l fung 1
Thank you for the great video, I used to live in an apartment with a view of the runway at Kai Tak but I didn't have the pleasure of ever seeing concord land there.
preacher1 1
You didn't live in one of them in Kowloon where we grazed the rooftops on approach did you? LOL
l fung 1
Fortunately not :)
preacher1 2
LOL. I have literally seen rooftop TV antennas sway as something comes over. Got a friend whose wife has some family in there. He said they wer there one day and things would get quiet as one came over, then just back to normal like nothing happened.
Derek Thomas 1
And people here complain about noise... LOL
I flew on the BA Concorde from KJFK TO EGLL very small isle inside but my goodness the power and speed of this bird left me stun for a while mind you the take off was cool more sharper then the usual 747 or DC10 could do. Is this aircraft at KAI TAK there permanently or has ot got a private owner. I also have a photo which I will upload of it's visit to NZAA/AKL the first Concorde to visit NZ
preacher1 2
Looks like on the tail end of the video it is taking off. IDK where they all are but I don't think anything is at Kai Tak.
Geoff Bryce 1
I was at Farnborough air show when the Concorde did a touch and go in the 70's. In those days we could get quite close to the runways. The noise was very very loud. The sound wave that hit you caused your whole body to vibrate as it went past.
Anne Rassiga 1
I frequently returned to my childhood home in Long Beach LI NY to visit my parents. Long Beach is on an approach to JFK. Watching the Concord appear fom the clouds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean and then having it be directly overhead was awsome (and noisy)- I think I even saw the nose cone change position in preparation for landing. Wish I had flown in one!
Flew it once LHR - JFK. Amazing experience: a 6 course meal served over 4 hours and then we landed. Plane was "nothing special" in terms of seats. Also: no IFE. But an amazing experience none the less that I cherish.
rmchambers 1
I never flew in one but I did get to sit in the left hand seat when it was laid-up at DFW 30 years ago. My dad was a friend of one of the crew and he got us all on (when such things could be done) I was amazed at the old-world look.. nixie tubes and things like that. It was a very narrow plane with tiny windows but such an elegant bird from the outside. I don't know of any other commercial jet that had afterburners.
paul galanti 1
I flew
paul galanti 1
So has everyone else. Sorry 'bout that. Add.:"in and out of Kai Tak back in the 1990s. Used to go up to the roof of an adjacent parking garage to look down on landing 747s. Would have loved to do that to look down on a landing Concorde.
well luvs I am one of those that for several years commuted from America to Europe by Concorde, one small was on Air France. But whatever, I can not imagine a more wonderful commercial passenger experience.
CosmosKidd 1
Only saw Concorde in flight once. Came out of the mini-mart at NAVCAMS WESTPAC Guam, heard a strange acft, looked up, and there it was. Flying fairly low and very fast. Was just coming home from Tarague Beach on Anderson AFB. this acft departed from Anderson. Which is cool. Had the whole family in the car, so we all got a look. Impressive.
Harry Thomas 1
Back in the mid to late 70s, I lived in a town on Long Island, in Suffolk County, that was under 1 of the approaches to JFK. From time to time I would look up and see 1 of these beautiful, majestic aircraft, still at several thousand feet, inbound. It was a sight that I will never forget.
Bob Hackney 1
I believe it was approx. 1979 or so when I was in transit at the Bahrain AP awaiting a late nite flight to the U.S. via the Orient ..when a BA Concorde was there. It was on a stop over from Singapore to London. I did witness the Concorde takeoff at approx. 0200-0300 w/the blue "diamond cone" exhaust VERY prominent!!! A few days later on the same journey I saw another BA Concorde taking off from Singapore. It was a daylight take off so the diamond cone exhaust was not visually apparent!!!!
Lived under the flight path at Dulles in a house with a lot of sliding glass doors. The whole house would shake for about 2 minutes on landing or take off ... thank the lord it was not supersonic! They head a noise hot line just for the Concorde but that never helped. Still it was a beautiful aircraft and I'm glad I got to see it many times.
Mike Zagorski 1
Back some years ago, two Concorde flew into Tampa,Florida airport. Everyone who had any interest in flying were at field. Both jets did a low level pass, hit the after burners went up at a very steep climb then circled around the airport and landed. The most exciting time !


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