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Ex-Gulfstream Executive Gets 11 Years For Embezzling $10 Million

LOS ANGELES (AP) — As an accounting executive at Gulfstream Aerospace, Marvin Jay Caukin was pulling in a quarter-million dollars a year and had a wife 30 years his junior. He was living a lavish lifestyle that included splitting time between two luxury Los Angeles-area homes, and paying for the company of female escorts, luxury cars and $800 dinners, federal investigators say. Turns out, Caukin’s salary was hardly funding any of it. ( Más...

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Paul Smith 2
At least Gulfstream was big enough to not have the $10 million affect the health of the business. But stealing other people's money like this person did is despicable! One place I worked had the comptroller embezzle $1 million over a 5 year period. We were always trying to scrimp and save money to keep the business open and baking our suppliers to send us the material we needed on credit. After the embezzlement came to light, the company closed. I have no sympathy for him bells of ice.
Charles Adams 1
Paul - Please tell us just how you 'baked' your suppliers. Did they turn out OK? : )
Paul Smith 1
That should have read begged... As I said before... Stupid autocorrect!
$800 dinner? WHAT??? $800.00 diner!!! He must have had four other people with him at a mediocre steak house!!! Feed him to the lions!!!
Stephen Boyle 1
No wonder my new G650 was so expensive. I just thought it was all the latest a greatest technology.
Paul Smith 1
That should read I have no sympathy for embezzlers. Stupid auto correct!
I loved this "always keeping the charges under $100,000 to avoid suspicion" LMAO

And this too "66-year-old was devastated by the sentence" LMAO

They went way too lean on the sentence for this guy.


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