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Boeing Upgrades to Keep B-1 Bomber Soaring for Decades to Come

ABILENE, Texas, April 30, 2015 – The Boeing [NYSE: BA] B-1B Lancer celebrates its soon to be 30th anniversary with the U.S. Air Force at Dyess Air Force Base this week – marking one of many milestones in a legacy that will continue long into the future as Boeing’s B-1 team ushers the supersonic bomber into the digital age with new upgrades. The latest upgrade, a trio of updates known as the integrated battle station, are ensuring the B-1 meets today’s mission requirements and further establishes… ( Más...

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oowmmr 10
I'd wager if somebody new to aviation was to see the Lancer they would think it a brand new design, its timeless to me, a beauty with the wings back.
saw a couple B-1 at one of the last shows at Edwards........what a fantastic machine......
RichardFagar 5
I worked for the company that produced the wing actuators back in the mid 1980's. Compared to present building / machining technology we built that beautiful machine with rocks. I still look at it in awe. The sharpest blade carried in the softest sheath. If form follows function....... and oh what form...... Function must surpass our wildest imagination.
stangcyn 4
Our Awesome USAf Pilots deserve our support the best equipment to do the job.
Cyn Hickam AFB
TWA55 4
B-1, a great plane, hard to believe it has been around for 40 years already.
Philip Muth 3
When this glorious bird would take off from McConnell (Wichita) to the north and hit the afterburners, it would set off every car alarm in the Towne East Mall parking lot. I would laugh myself silly!
Great Job LTC!! My son is a B-1 pilot as well and we are so very proud of all of you!!


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