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The Best (and Worst) Airlines in the US

With the nickel and diming, cramped seating, and often poor customer service, it's no surprise that travelers are dissatisfied in general with the airline industry. It's not all a crapshoot, though. We took a look at America's airlines to find which ones are most (and least) likely to give you a better, hassle-free trip. ( Más...

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Mike Barbato 3
Yea this rating doesn't match reality. Allegiant's on time performance doesn't count since they don't fly into anything higher than second tier cities. You're always #1 with a 2 minute taxi out at Rockford, IL. They also have a reputation for delays and cutting services to cities on a whim. They've also had some major operational and maintenance problems.

And Delta is vastly better than United.
ADXbear 1
What ever.. The American people with their "wal"mart" mentality have got what they asked for over the past 10 years... We complained away our nicer seats, pillows and blankets, food service and demanded rock bottom prices to the point of BK'ing some airlines.. Now they are just doing what have to make a living.. Wouldn't it be nice if we all got dressed up to fly again, were treated like we were more than boxes in cargo , paid more for a ticket and stopped all these fees??
homburge 0
United *and* USAir ranked ABOVE American??? Huh? The methodology is too numerical and doesn't reflect reality... Nor the new 321's that AA has put into service. USAir's 321s don't have fuel capacity to make PHL->SFO when the winds are up. AA doesn't have any issue with JFK->SFO on any day of the year. Go figure.


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