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Drone delays medical helicopter landing at OH hospital

Police discovered a man using the drone to take aerial photos of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds across the street from the hospital. ( Más...

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preacher1 16
All the FAA regulations in the world can't regulate stupid. Absolute lack of common sense and paying attention to the surroundings.
Gene Nowak 3
Preacher - If it doesn't already, maybe the final FAA rules should prohibit drones within 5nm miles of any designated airport facility, including airports, heliports, blimp and seaplane bases, both public and private.
preacher1 5
I'm not sure of what is in there already Gene, but I think there is restriction on Class B airspace and the article says hospitals. Whole point is, regulations won't do a bit of good if people don't follow them anyway. Yeah, 200 people might get killed because of a mid air in airspace where one wasn't supposed to be. They broke the regulations by putting the drone there and even if caught, will pay the penalty, BUT, 200 people are still dead. It's kinda like the gun control adage, Criminals will have guns. Regulations won't mean squat as long as people think only of themselves.
Eric Schmaltz 3
Lengthy prison sentence!? Good one!! Convict 1- "Hey man, whatchu in for?" You kill someone too? Convict 2- No man, I flew a drone too close to a hospital!
Robert Fort 4
No, not too close to a hospital. Too close to a landing medical helicopter. Big difference.
Gene Nowak 1
Why don't you become creative as a judge. How about 500-1000 hours community service in a trauma center, cleaning up the aftermath?
Why? Because we won't let them. Judges haven't done any judging in quite some time now...
steve rogers 2
wait till someone get hurt or killed , then they will pass a law , till then its just a toy with a camera on it , sad but true
These people are clueless about airspace usage and risk; even with regulation most won't comply for the reason Preacher states.
CaptainFreedom 0
Lengthy prison sentences may help improve education levels.
preacher1 1
True, but they have to be caught first. It is one thing to apprehend while one is still in the air, but if involved in a collision of some type, it's doubtful if pilot would be hanging around unless they were totally clueless to what happened.
Huffer 1
At least make it mandatory to include FAA drone flying restrictions in every drone kit or package. The word "WARNING!" in red should be on the outside of the box maybe 10% larger then the products trademark name.
When just shopping for a drone, the prospective buyer can be put on notice about where they cannot fly and the consequences of doing so.
This is sarcasm, right? Please say yes...
Dennis Noah 1
Stupid is as stupid does.
Not many thought of the consequences of drones until they hit home.
Pa Thomas 0
Go to your local airport and fly a kite. Have fun!

Drones and all these little toys are all fun and games until one flies into an intake.
sharon bias 2
I live near the end of a runway. A Coast Guard plane was doing touch and goes. My neighbor, tired of the noise, sent up a kite. Needless to say, the plane used a different approach on future landings that day. I'm not sure if the police were called, but the neighbor pulled that stunt again. Since it was in our CCR's that there would be low flying planes over our houses, I had to assume the guy was just having a bad day.
WhiteKnight77 2
If someone buys a house near an airport, say within 5NM, it is not their problem that there is noise. That airport was most likely there long before that house was built. If someone moves in knowing that an airport is nearby, they have no room to complain about anything associated with said airport (or military base), especially if in the flight paths of the runways.


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