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Inhofe seeks to expand Pilot’s Bill of Rights

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is turning to the general aviation community for feedback on expanding the existing Pilot’s Bill of Rights. An outline of the draft bill says that it would prohibit CBP from searching any GA airplane or requesting pilots’ airman or medical certificates (and any other license) if the aircraft or pilot was traveling between two points within the 48 contiguous states without having “articulable reasonable suspicion of illegal activity” or “probable cause that illegal… ( Más...

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Chuck Me 5
We have the right to land on closed runways with no consequence.
Patrick Harris 1
Pretty much my first thought when I read it..
Chuck Me 1
It's great he looks out for rights of pilots. Just wish he was a better example to follow. But he's in congress so...
Andrew Stagg 0
He's actually the senior Senator from OK and the FAA did require him to complete some remedial training after his landing incident at KPIL. Regardless, he is one of the biggest proponents of GA in the a government where our president uses every opportunity to attack GA.
Jason Feldman 5
People make mistakes - heck, professional pilots have made much bigger errors than landing on closed runways including fatal accidents... regardless if he is the best man for the job or not - this guy is in a position of power and is a proponent of aviation, maybe, just maybe we can stand behind him rather than help his opponents hurt our industry by attacking his credibility and character. This is serious business - if all you want to do is joke around and make fun of the guy don't be surprised when NOBODY wants to fight on our behalf because NO ONE will ever be good enough to escape the ridicule of fellow aviators. Oh, he never worked for a REAL airline, oh, I heard he crossed a picket fence, oh, i hear he cheated on his wife..... make fun of your enemies and back those who fight on your behalf. In a perfect world we would be able to demand perfection but in our status quo this is the best we have.
Chuck Me 0
His own actions as a pilot help opponents of GA. That's my point. Not his character, not working for an airline, whatever that picket fence thing means, or the status of his marriage. His own actions as an aviator help opponents of GA.

We can do better. We should demand better. It's not about enemies or friends. It's about trying to do best for GA not settling for what we have. Sorry, I'm not one to be content with status quo and just say "this is the best we have". That's quitter talk and not for me.

I support what he does to for GA. But I'm not riding with him in an airplane.
Jason Feldman 5
I don't think you are being very realistic - right now we don't have anything better so you might aw well get over "we deserve better" until we actually have someone better actually win an election - then by all means support the better person.

It's reality vs we deserve better - of course we deserve better. Of course we should have better. But we don't and wishing it to be better or even doing the right steps to get someone better in the future doesn't change the fact that this is what we ACTUALLY have right now.

A bird in the hand is worth the rest of them in the bush!
Brian Bough 1
It is Oklahoma, so "better" is a relative term. Your nonchalance toward Inhofe's actions regarding the closed runway tell me you are not familiar with the situation, nor what he attempted to do to officials in the FAA when they called him on it.

Yes, members of Congress are always looking out for #1 -- but Senator Inhofe takes it to a whole new and disgusting level, puts lives at risk, and tries to make others pay for his own reckless actions.
Jason Feldman 5
I am not nonchalant about his actions while flying - and no I don't know the story behind it. What I am saying is that if he is doing something that helps us as pilots we should stand behind him rather than criticize him.

I don't see anyone else introducing a pilots bill of rights? In fact, we've seen a lot of anti aviation out of our government for years -

congress is full of criminals, unethical bastards - and we should get rid of them all - absolutely. But we shouldn't focus our energy on the one A-hole who is even a little on our side. Focus your criticism on those who are the worst and offer us nothing.

Is there something wrong with the "pilots bill of rights" themselves?
pnschi 1
If toddlers from Georgia has pilots' licenses, Inhofe might care about cops throwing stun grenades in their faces. But no, that's far too inconsequential for him. It doesn't rise to the level of having to show your certs after landing on a closed runway.


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