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Remember that Southwest Airlines jet that slid down the runway? It won’t be flying again

Let’s update the fate of that Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 that slid down a New York LaGuardia runway on its nose July 22 after its front landing gear collapsed: In summary, it won’t be flying again. We’ve learned that after examination, officials determined that the airplane was too badly damaged to be worth repairing. It has been “totaled,” to use accident adjustor language, based on the 14-year-old airplane’s depreciated value of about $15.5 million. The National Transportation Safety… ( Más...

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PhotoFinish 2
Well, that answers the question of how and where they'll fix the plane. They won't.

Also the severity of the damage gives some additional explanation for the termination and settlement recently with the pilot.

An update to the article reports that the plane was barged away from the airport (as I predicted). It is current sitting at the Port of Albany in shrink-wrap.

[This poster has been suspended.]

PhotoFinish 2
With the value of parting it out vs the cost of repairing it, it becomes the stereotypical 'I'm worth more dead than alive.'
PhotoFinish 2
Here she is:
Tom Trainor 1
Sad to see that beautiful plane couldn't be recovered. Southwest's fares will go up a bit, and the captain has already paid part of the price.
Can't view it.
Matt Tran 1
Just click on the "No, thanks. Take me to the basic site." under the Start Your Free Trial button.


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