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Airbus Accused of Gutless Models Hits Back at Boeing 787 Parts

Airbus SAS, a week after being accused by Boeing Co. (BA) of lacking the guts to develop an all-new airplane, hit back by ridiculing as inferior its arch-rival’s choice of parts on the first 787 Dreamliner shown to the world. ( Más...

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Torsten Hoff 6
Childish behavior by both parties.
MimosaDrive 3
Sounds like my kids.
preacher1 2
With the 350's and new 777's coming out and AB building the plant in Mobile, competition is heating up and it's apt to get nasty. This could just be a shot over the bow, a hint of things to come. It just had a little different ring to it than past snipes.
ken hamilton 0
preacher1 2
Better or not. When Boeing bought MD back yonder, they were the only serious player in the market. Best I remember, Airbus was just an upstart at that time. Regardless of what you rate bad or good, they are a serious competitor now, just as Bombardier and Embraer are major players in the RJ market.
Michael Fuquay 0
How's that profitless A380 doing? Airbus missed the mark on that venture.
Michael Fuquay -3
“The aircraft we rolled out a couple of weeks ago didn’t have rivets from Wal-Mart". Those are some pretty nasty words coming from Airbus. Of course, we know Boeing produces better jets, and they must know it too. They just want to mud-sling a little, just to tick them off, I guess.


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