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Girl hits head after trying to stand behind JetBlue engines on takeoff (video)

On the beach at Maho Sint Maarten, behind Princess Juliana International Airport, a girl is blowing through the power of an aircraft engine line and finished the first head on the edge of a wall. ( More...

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Marty Jack 10
Having been there: this is a situation where there is one runway aligned with the prevailing wind, and a good sized hill a ways off the departure end on the extended centerline, and that beach is as close to the numbers as it can be. On short final it looks as though you are going to scrape the beachgoers with the gear. Every takeoff is done as a short field takeoff followed by a quick departure turn. So anyone who frequents that beach knows that every departure is going to go to takeoff power holding the brakes. So this is an outcome waiting to happen on every takeoff, and you'd have to not be paying attention to see it coming.
Garth Abdulie 5
Shes more than stupid falcon2000driver. they all crazy as hell
Tom Kearney 4
From the BBC Documentary: "On holiday from working as head cashier for HMV at the local W.H.Smith in Maidenhead, Sarah, disappointed that the resort did not have a bungie jump, zip line, or male strip club, decides to partake in a thoroughly invigorating activity designed to appease her inner dare devil, namely....chasing airbuses. If she could only get past the fence."
That is a nice rear shot of the bikini clad chick running over there, she could COME to my aid!!!
john cook 2
H_ll I'm going just for that!
Richard Howell 3
I am not for one on moving the fence, we learn from those that gone before us......Can't protect ever one from stupid mistakes......That runnway is the best and everyone that goes to TNCM for vacation goes to that beach for the runway!
Richard Mosher 3
She can only blame herself. (Stupid)
Jim Quinn 3
Well, CRAP! Now they'll put up a fence to protect the stupid and it will be in place before I get my chance to visit! She's probably ruined it for everyone who has more than a couple of brain cells. At the same time I must say that I wouldn't be at that particular point on the fenceline but more likely be standing beside the videographer that caught this shot. I mean, hasn't everyone seen the video from years ago where a B747 blew a sedan into the water with its jetwash? The test was done to determine how far behind the aircraft a vehicle could safely pass.... If I remember correctly the test was done at SFO. Anyone have any further info?
urbanxplorer90 2
They'll never fence off the beach since:

1. There's a road leading to a development on the other side of runway 10 that has no other road access to the main roads of the island.

2. Reclaiming the beach for a longer threshold would be cost prohibitive and liable to generate a huge outcry among everyone from the hotel owners to environmentalists to locals.

3. The beach is public property under St. Maarten law, and as such access cannot be restricted. The airport property line begins behind the aforementioned road. Juliana Airport is operated by a private company.
Nate Bonyun 1
just type 747 blows car in Google
Matt LaMay 1 isn't nanny America
Jim Quinn 3
Okay--post a photo from the video of the girl just as she strikes the wall. Post it from both sides of the runway along with the warning signs. But people will still ignore the warnings, just like on the cigarette packs.
travelczar 1
Like this one??
Paul Schiesser 3
A thrust deflection wall would spoil the view, the charm of the place is you are right next to an active runway with no 9-11 security hysteria. Smart plane spotters know the danger it's just the idiots who put them selves at risk, there are numerous warning signs everywhere.
Matt LaMay 1
not enough room to put a blast fence up
I guess she didn't see the signs eh? Stupid but dont tell me you wouldn't do it if you were on Maho beach. I did :)
Wendell Smith 3
Thanks for posting Chip.
ltcjra 5
You pay! Pretty stupid to stand behind a jet reving engines. Sorry it happened but no sympathy.
They love the idea of the thrill but do not want to take the consequences of the results.You can have great fun at the bar watching the approaches and landings without the risk. The airport authority has done their job. Now Darwin is in charge!!
s2v8377 4
Caution the wake turbulence from the A320 departure!!!
William Gilson 4
Another Darwin recipient in the making
Jim Sullivan 2
What a brain surgeon....... wait, she needs a brain surgeon.
bohlen 1
This presupposes that she has one ;-)
That's going to leave a mark!
panam1971 2
Reminds me of the scene in "Pushing Tin" when he says "You're gonna wish you jumped in the river...". Anyone who has seen that movie will recognize it.
Rich Mixon 2
Regardless, 1000 yards or 3 miles, I had hoped nobody would have to tell an ADULT to NOT Stand behind a commercial Jet engine. She possibly went home & touched a hot iron afterwards, to reduce her headache!
Scott Breuer 2
I highly doubt she was the first to be hurt doing this. Saying that, it's been going on a long time down there. I don't think anything is going to change and don't think anything should change.
Drive 30 minutes east, more of a thrill on Orient beach...
Randy Patrick 2
If you like naked, old fat people.
I do...
You lettin all them fetishes out
A.J. Orsino 2
Imagine a 747..
Jerry Lentz 2
Too bad they lose their grip on the fence before the bikini gets blasted off.
jet4ang 2
I can see one thing she wasn't doing. She had something in her hand and was not holding on to the fence with both hands. Already a stupid idea for a weak person and even worse doing it one handed. Darwin rocks.
Joseph Howes 1
yeah and that jet blast blew her away very easy. very stupid in trying to hold the fence on jet blast beach the only way you could survive that is if you were well strong. but one handed is trying the next level of stupidity
Dick Beil 2
Blast deflectors would spoil the fun of watching planes land and take-off from Princess Juliana Airport.
Luiz Machado 2
I hope she´s fine and avoid it again.
QUICK!!!!! Hurry and spend lot's of money to protect people from themselves. A government and its taxpayers can fix anything.
Robert Larson 2
Darwin Award finalist.
Dan Grelinger 1
You don't understand the Darwin award. To receive anything other than an honorable mention, you have to actually die so that you can't reproduce. Even after this incident, the girl looks capable of eventually reproducing.
Tom Kearney 2
Wish I hadn't watched that.
Roger Loukes 1
Can't people read the DANGER signs!! It cannot be made more obvious that Jet Blast can seriously damage your health -- a bit like smoking but folks still do it.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tom Kearney 10
That is, if she can think twice.
Steve Jasper 1
There's going to be a next time?! How many times is it going to take? And after that you believe she has anything to think with?
Used to go there a lot ,Shorts 330 ,no big deal with that Aircraft,, but for a heavy Jet, a turn to the right, because of those hills at the end (if I remember correctly) and full use of the runway, was always the norm.That girl got hit bad against the barrier,sometimes or many times I have noticed it takes a tragedy for Authorities to do something,like extending the runway at St Thomas after a 727 ran off in 1976,killing 97 people.
As posted many times in this thread "authorities can't fix stupid". As to the runway length/hills, it is what it is. The airlines choose what planes they think are safe to use it. Just saying....
Scott Breuer 1
Haha that's right!!
Gerald Johnson 1
Duhhh, Hope she lived to know jhow dumb that was.
Lavern Burk 1
Darwinism work on women as well...
Jo Ro 1
i have been there. awesome plane watching. it is interesting to watch the people hang directly in back on the thrust. i imagine they really like picking sand and rock out of their hides. i yield to tonnage.

once we heard from locals, a newbie taxi drive took tourists over there in a little cube van. this is probably on you tube somewhere also. there was a 747 lining up...well that bus ended up in the water about 200 ft away.

landing must be interesting from the cockpit. Maho Beach is topless! Captn keep your eyes on the center line numbers of the runway.
JD345 1
"Why is it so windy?"
Donald Poorman 1
This might be a stupid question, but why don't they just put up a JBD along that section of fence? Problem solved!
charlie read 1
Some people need to read signs
Rich Mixon 1
You have been making plans to put your face behind a Jet engine @ takeoff?
Rich Mixon 1
Spoil the view? What view do you believe she saw? Simply don't stick your face behind any Jet engine. They teach you that after you exit the Wind tunnel @NASA. You come out looking like Joan RIVERS.
Charlie Olson 1
you can see the jet blue pilot waving at the people with his elevators as he lines up for takeoff
Rich Mixon 1
Thank you! You're the only post I press that did not try to justify her actions.
Clive Peterson 1
well get what you deserve, anyone that stupid! And it looks like there were several stupid people. Next they will be trying to roast hot dogs! I dont care what happened to her
The border made of block granite or stone should have been avoided hence preventing such accidents would not such fatal.
Tony Martin 1
This is a stupid pastime known as riding the fence, a popular game at St Maartin.
I saw a mechanic get blown into a blast fence at Boeing field during engine run up on a B 747 ,he did not survive.
Noah Rice 1
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
This is a routine stuff at this airport. INFACT , it is almost a sport to check the ability to withstand the blast pressure of 747 and 380 ! Just these two only, and not any lesser aircrafts . Even betting is done. :-p All enjoy , participants and the spectators , alike. Rarely injuries are reported . Since the perils are well known to locals and visitors .
urbanxplorer90 1
There are no A380s at TNCM. The largest aircraft that land here are 744s and A343s.
No 380's at Juliana...
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
This incident seems to be the rarest of the rare
MDeC 1
Einstein was right..."Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
Jim Lynch 1
"Survival of the fittest". The rest die off due to acts of sheer stupidity such as this. If she is a true Brit of today's generation, her next sentence will be "Nobody warned me..." and her next action will be to sue somebody. Good luck with that, sister, but you're not in wishy-washy idiot-justice England now.
Jim Quinn 2
England? What about the U.S.? Talk about idiotic lawsuits. Judges in many cases have the ability to throw out ridiculous lawsuits however it almost never happens--probably because the judges themselves start out as lawyers. Remember: 90% of lawyers give the rest of them a bad name! (Saw that on a lawyer's credenza!)
Is this a new method of crowd control? Seems pretty effective.
Derek Jacks 1
While she should have heeded the warning signs for sure, the folks at believe the JetBlue flight took off from the blast pad before the runway (the area with yellow chevrons) which is not allowable runway space for takeoff. Assuming this is true, my sympathies for the girl increased significantly.
Marty Jack 1
Here is a picture from of the view on short final so everyone can see what the hill looks like and how little runway there is.

Having watched the video a couple of times I think it is inconclusive where the main gear are, but they do appear to be over the displaced threshold line (that would be the white line with the two arrows) and thus the takeoff would not be made from the blast pad (the area with the yellow chevrons).
7500 ft. of runway isn't really little...
MDW comes to mind
Too bad airliners dont have afterburner. The place would look like VC in the wire at a firebase in Viet
We used to call them Krispy Kritters.
Robert Lewis 1
On Sundays when the KLM and Air France jets are taking the tourists home I've seen as many as 50+ people hanging from that fence. The Tiki Bar is always packed Sunday afternoons. Imagine what the blast would be like from a 747 going full power before the pilot pops the brakes.
Willard Gibson 1
That'll leave a mark!
urbanxplorer90 1
I have a place in Maho and this is a frequent occurrence. Some people are just too crazy or too drunk to care and wanna be stupid.
Scott Smith 1
I survived working the flight decks of aircraft carriers to figure out that's not too bright. She probably would have ended up over the side there.
Patrick Brooks 1
Grahm Davis 1
Bet she will not be doing that again to soon.
msvmaier 1
Except in the US, you can't sure someone for your own stupidity. Tosh.O, did you catch that one?
msvmaier 0
Except in the US, you can't sue someone for your own stupidity. Tosh.O, did you catch that one?
You can't fix stupid!
Ralph Wigzell 1
You can't fix stupid. There are signs clearly warning of the danger.
Jim McBryde 1
bohlen 1
Some people will never learn...
tcavin 1
one of my favorite desitnations to watch planes....and morons.
High ratio of morons to airplanes.
ginabird 1
human stupidity and the universe are infinite, but I'm not so sure about the universe.
A. Einstein
warren spaeth 1
Why don't they put up a manual, or automatic blast defector such as one found on aircraft carriers?
I noted a permanent one at the end of runway 35 at Reagan National Airport in DC.
Paul Schiesser 1
Yea I have been to the bar at the end of the runway at Princess Juliana, its a drunk tourist right of passage to get jet blast I guess, It's even stronger when a 757 takes off not to mention the widebody from Air France and KLM
toolguy105 1
You don't heed the warnings this what happens. I guess she will be suing the airport for not having blast deflectors.
Dick Beil 1
Have been there many times. BUT some people are just plain stupid.
Sherman Pyle 1
I wonder what she smokes for breakfast, what a dumb broad
Steve Jasper 1
Every bodies said what could be said so DITTO! I hope she's OK. If she has kids they'll hold that over her head when they do something stupid someday.
Yazoo 1
Well I've been there and done that. The difference was that I had enough sense to hold on to the fence. The really dumb ones stand near the beach and get sand blasted.
As to the "Sun Set" beach bar. Girls at the bar drink free if they are topless. She still had her top on so she wasn't totally wasted.
Daurys Nolasco 1
What I don't understand is why blind people would go and do stunts like this. I've been there and you just must know your boundaries, your surroundings and what to do. Thankfully the poster didn't mentioned the name of the airport and hopefully, the fact that he named an airline rather than saying "plane" will go by as nothing and won't bring any disturbing consequences to us enthusiasts.
Everyone knows this is Saint Maarten
Dave Ooooo 1
Unreal !!
pilot0987 1
Stupid people, what do they expect to happen.
indy2001 1
I'm sure it would disappoint the thrill-seekers, but I can't believe a minimal blast deflection fence can't be built inside the fence. Just deflecting the jet blast a few degrees upward would solve the problem. Having been there, I know the road is too important to close and digging a tunnel in the sand so close to the water is impossible. But a 4-foot-high, angled barrier would pretty much end the blast-riding. It will take a death, probably of a local resident, before the St. Maarten government will do anything about this.
AAaviator 1
There is a tiki bar about 100 yards away. Do you think that perhaps this stupid woman and any of the other moronic jet blast surfers might have just stumbled over from the tiki bar to illustrate Darwin's theory?
Dee Lowry 1
You know what's lacking here people?? Common Sense! Those who do not carry the "CS" gene, should be locked up! A B-737 "APU" can knock you on your booty!
HBFlyer 1
This is a perfect case for a thrust deflection wall.
tim mitchell 1
Wow.....I was going to leave a sacastic remark until I saw the video....I hope she is alright and since they won't be moving the runway anytime soon hopefully they will at least move the fence behind that wall.
Chris White -1
Another Darwin award winner !!
Ken McIntyre 3
She lived, so not a Darwin award. I would give her (and anyone else trying to "ride the fence") an honorable mention.
i feel so bad for that Girl.
Zach Katona 0
Hate to see that and I do wonder if there aren't more safety measures that could be taken. However not too much sympathy can be given to her considering that there are warning signs present at that beach and she was being irresponsible not to read them.
jmilleratp 0
Joe Morrison 0
Funny thing is she can't sue anyone and you know she wants too.
pete480 0
She'll find a lawyer to take her case.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Dan Grelinger 2
Maybe in the U.S. because we've allowed our judicial system to be run by the lawyers. But this did not occur in the U.S. She might even get a bill for services from the Saint Maarten local government.
urbanxplorer90 1
Not gonna happen. They're too busy with their own nepotistic affairs and the Dutch authorities have sort of a "hands off" approach regarding the former Netherlands Antilles. Let's see how long that lasts...
cfg023 0
Only crazy idiots are doing such brainless things.
John Perrotta -2
Here is my suggestion, the air traffic controller should call thru the public address speaker to warn the people on the beach to move away from the blast path before the airplane take-off. It would be safe than sorry.
dbaker 11
Isn't the sound of a couple jets engines a sufficient and louder announcement?
Damn, you is one ingenious mofo!!!
daniel jef -1
Lol that was a nice one to see!!!! if your done hear u will feel. they cant move the fence nore the road any were so go get your self knock out!!!!
Normaly the tail fron the aircraft does never be so cloce to the fence but if u call or ask the pilots to do it like in many of my pic's u see them doing it thats what u get!!!!!!know better do better.
JJ Johnson -1
Dumb Ass
Not amusing or funny.
Aren't those both the same?
Jeff Coghill 1
That was funny...I don't care who you are.
I thought it amusing.........
tony boyd -3
I've been there and have always wondered how long it would take for so stupid ass to get killed standing behind powerful aircraft plus the medical care outside the US sucks!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

richard weiss 15
USAFcptn, have a little deference to others who might read this. Clean up the language.
USAFcptnShades -6
I sprayed cleaning solution on my iPad screen to try to clean up the language but it just won't scrub off!! Do you have any suggestions Richard!?! It was a joke howdy... I thought it to be a clever little rhyme.
richard weiss 6
That's the problem. guys like you think it's funny to use foul language in a public setting without regard to those around you. I'll bet you speak the same way at the ball park when a some guy has his 8 year old kid with him. Have a little respect for those within earshot. Besides, the excessive use of profanity indicates a lack of imagination and intellect. Need proof, ask our vice president.
USAFcptnShades 0
First of all I do not have the connections to personally ask our vice president if the excessive use of profanity indicates a lack of imagination and intellect. Second, where in the hell did you come up with that!?!

I don't go to the ball park. I find that those who play baseball lack imagination and intellect. You should get your 8 year old a telescope and Einstein's biography.
I'm with you, Mr. Weiss. Evidently the so-called "cptnShades" has a situational awareness problem. To further emphasize my point: his responses are nothing more than spiced diarrhea!!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

richard weiss 0
I hope your mama reads the kind of stuff you post
This is one time you're posting, and I'm laughing...
richard weiss 0
thanks Thrustt
Matt Molnar -7
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Video: When Surfing the Fence in Saint Maarten Goes Terribly Wrong

The jet blast warning signs at Maho Beach are generally ignored, but a new video of a woman face planting behind a JetBlue takeoff might prove maybe the signs are there for good reason.
Harshad Raje 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

That's one way to dry your hair after a swim! Astonishing video shows moment airplane jet wash blows woman head-first into a wall.

The woman clings to a fence as she tries to withstand the force of the jet engine as a plane takes off from Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.
Bob Ziehm -5
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Girl blown by a plane

Empathy for the injury, but don't understand the unneeded risk taking.!
Because it's fun but you can't let go!
. . 1
Carabiners and some strapping could be provided; point of attachment top rail of fence.
Downwind, something like a birdnet to catch all the flying idiots.
Robert Larson 1
Arresting gear to catch the tourists. Nice.


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