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Red Tails Delivers Stunning Special Effects, But No Substance: Movie Review

Red Tails reduces one of World War II’s most compelling stories to the intellectual level of a Disney cartoon. But the special effects are great. ( Más...

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Toby Sharp 0
had a feeling this would be the case
Tim Smith 0
Still undecided on whether it's worth paying the $22 to go see it...
northstar66 0
They were B-17s not 25s
richard weiss 0
Most everyone on these pages learned to fly without the need to fight a second battle simultaneously. Without regard to the preceived quality of the movie, let's all honor the men who had to fight for the right to fight for their country.
preacher1 0
Amen. Most of us on here are too young to remember them firsthand,as most that are left are in their late 80's or early 90's now; BUT, read the history books instead of relying on Hollwood to be totally accurate. We may be too young to remember them but I can dang sure remember the segregation and the way things were; to boot, everybody talked about the North and the West being different but it was the same as down South, just not as open. The service wasn't much better; as it officially was intergrated in the 60's, it may have been as an organization but not every member agreed to it in private.
David Brooks 0
Actually, President Truman ordered the military services to fully integrate all memebers, including blacks in 1947. Granted, it took about 10-15 years to sink in. I was in the USAF in the early 1960s and we were integrated. No problem on base, but off base it could be something different, especially in the south. I was an instructor for 2 years at Keesler AFB in Biloxi Mississippi and you can bet it was segrated there.
preacher1 0
I was in USAF in the late sixties, and as you say, official policy was intergration. More subdued on base but still there; off base, it really didn't matter what part of the country. It was especially bad overseas, both in SE Asia and in Europe, and you still come across it in places, running deep undercurrent.
David Brooks 0
I have not seen the movie but spot commercials on TV have be wondering. It appears that special effects / CGI has run amuck by the looks of the TV spots. There was a very good movie made some years ago for HBO on the Tuskegee Airmen I though was good.
zennermd 0
Lucas said it wasn't going to be a movie about the hardship these people had, but a tribute to their heroism and bravory. I believe he did a good job in that regard. I thought it was a great flying movie. He also said if there is enough interest, he would do a prequil that would address how then came into existence and all the other stuff.


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