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Raw video: Emergency landing on highway - 2:20

A young pilot showed nerves of steel when his engine cut out and managed to land his Cessna on a highway east of Montreal. Plane brave: Trainee pilot emergency lands aircraft in rush hour traffic ( More...

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dbaker 0
Great video & nice work to the pilot. I liked that they turned the camera around so we could see the traffic behind them!
Mark Dowling 0
I'm glad people can figure he was in trouble and slowed down to give the space he needed. It happens!
vanbess 0
great landing
Guido Warnecke 0
Hope he did not run out of fuel...
Donny Malinoff 0
I love how the pilot pulls into the shoulder to let others pass by, that was very courteous.
mark tufts 0
that was the best emegerency landing i have ever seen and talk about a pilot who was calm under pressure hats off to him
Aaron Mace 0
Staying calm is key here, very impressive!
biz jets 0
As it was pointed out to me, at the 39 second mark - the carb heat
appears to be off.

Emergency checklist for Cessna 172 in flight - # 2 Carb Heat ON.

Won't be surprised to find carb icing as the cause . . .
I bet he'll never forget that again, if that is the cause. Lots of possibilities. One student I knew read "Fuel Selector" on the checklist and pulled it to off and cut the engine. Took forever (5 seconds?) for the engine to power up agian.
biz jets 0
A friend of mine had a Cessna 310 - it was in getting service - so he rented a Beech Baron Twin - on landing at Toronto International - he thought he was putting the flaps up - and put the gear up instead - sliding to a stop in a very damaged wheels up Baron!!! (No injuries - except pride)
Root User 0
I don't believe he correctly signaled that lane change, otherwise perfect!
Alan Hoffberg 0
Trainee? Was that an instructor in right seat and a freind was in back seat.

I think once we get a license, we are still a trainee, because "it's a license to learn."
I hope FlightAware will post the findings for the failed engine. Would be a good training tool if 'carb heat on' was the cause. Otherwise, the young pilot made a good landing out of a bad situation - a lesson he will carry with him all his life because he survived the event - many don't.
John Casebeer 0
Re: Bizjets. For many years Beech put the gear and flaps on the opposite sides as opposed to the other manufacturers. Many people have met the fate of the 310 pilot. I was always amazed how long it took them to go to a standard configuration. Kudos to the Canadian 172 pilot but I too hope it wasn't carburetor ice.
FlightGuns 0
He walked away' Good landing.
Chris Fortin 0
The pilot is 21 years old. He has 180 hours. Article here:
toolguy105 0
Good Job! Little hard on the landing but without a working engine he can be excused. Highway was as good if not better than any runway. Pilot kept his cool and brought the plane down safely. Very good for someone so young. Complements to his passengers for keeping their heads and trusting the pilot.
andrew brown 0
Wonderful to see how it should be done and, ot, did he stay on the centre line!
David Allen 0
Good Lad. Gives confidence in the Pilots of the future. He obviously had some good instruction in the early days.
Pilot good.... Camera man great!!!
toolguy105 0
Andrew: Could not tell, he may have.
RdKetchup 0
More details about this incident:
L'examen au sol a révélé que l'étanchéité de la valve d'admission du cylindre no 3 était compromise. Le cylindre est acheminé à un atelier de ré usinage moteur pour examen approfondi.

Translation: Ground examination revealed that the seal of the intake valve of the number 3 cylinder was compromised. The cylinder is being sent to a re-machining shop for a detailed examination.
Good landing.
- Bravo à tous, une vidéo de plus dans mon disque dur, pour exemple à mes petits Pilou en herbe.
Scott Campbell 0
I'm surprised the cars on the other side didn't drive off the road watching him go by. Hats off to you bud, your friends owe you a beer, unless you left the carb heat off...... ;-)
Alex Cady 0
i bet that he had his fuel selector valve on the right or left tank
What`s his name I`ll fly with him when he`s working for Air Canada.
Paul Warman 0
I always thought that the language of Aviation was English.
dbaker 0
@paulwarman - For radio transmissions, English is an option that is required to be available to pilots, but there is nothing requiring pilots to make use of that. Any other mutually understood language is equally acceptable. Certainly if both parties (pilot/ATC) can speak their native language, that is preferable.
Paul Warman 0
@Daniel Baker-If I am in the same air space as the pilot having an emergency and possibly broadcasting on an emergency frequency, I SHOULD be able to understand what is being said. I may be able to offer assistance or ar least stay out of the way. I recently had to get a new FAA certificate that states "English Proficient" even though I was born in the USA and am a US Citizen. ATC is not the only people on the airwaves!


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