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The 13 Ugliest Airplanes

Some of these mutts flew just fine. Others barely made it into the air. But aviation would be the poorer if it didn't have engineers willing to take such risks. ( Más...

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brian finney 0
The French designed some ugly airplanes.
John Andre 0
They are beautiful on the inside...
Roland Dent 0
So who lost the courage to add the contemporary A388 to this list?
joeyb747 0
toolguy105 0
What is amazing is that these planes actually flew. The are dynamics of some are to say the least not the best; this was way before computers helped planes fly that shouldn't.
toolguy105 0
The A388 as far as looks go. while it ain't the best looking plane I've seen, I'll give it a 6 out of 10. I would like Boeing to take another stab at the nose of the 787. To me it is reminiscent of the old convair 880 and an old British plane. To me it just does not have that Boeing look.
Doug Barry 0
Ah... reminds me of the aircraft recognition maxim...
If it's ugly, it is British
If it's wierd, it is French
If it's both ugly and wierd, it is Russian.
Joe Daileda 0
I gotta say the A380 needs to be on the list. Maybe there should be a "Really Big and Ugly" list.
AviatorLEO 0
The Super Guppy should be added to the list. While exceptionally practical, it falls far short of the 'attractive' category.
David Daugherty 0
No Super Guppy or OV-1 Mohawk!? I'll admit, those listed were pretty fugly.
dgorrell 0
...and how about the Carvair ??
Ralph Wigzell 0
On the other side of the coin, the Boeing 707-727-737 pointed end shape is probably the best looking front end shape around
AviatorLEO 0
One could also add the OV-10 Bronco to the list ...
Joao Melo 0
There is no ugly airplane. Each one has its proper charm.
Very good article!
Ralph Wigzell 0
@Joao Melo you are right, the only ugly craft occur in fiction.
kdsg 0
I remember the deux-ponts in the hangar at orly field, paris when i was a child. my dad was pax service director for twa at that time in the 50's.
klimchuk 0
Those airplanes are not ugly
Peter Allum 0
have you seen pictures of the Blohm und Voss BV141 ? Even it's mother would disown it !! How did that ever get off the ground ?


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