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U.S. fuel retailers rail against green aviation fuel tax credit

U.S. fuel retailers are fighting the inclusion of a tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Democrats' $430 billion spending bill, arguing SAF is more carbon intense and less efficient than renewable diesel. ( More...

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linbb 13
Tax credits why? there is no reason for it as the taxpayers end up footing the bill somehow in all these green deals. Nothing is FREE about being green.
boughbw 8
There is nothing FREE about fossil fuels either. The US gives fossil fuel companies all kinds of tax breaks just so they can sell the fuel we help them to obtain back to US consumers at market rates. At least with green fuels there is a redeeming value to it AND I get to see fossil fuel companies get all hot and bothered.
Tim Trosky 4
Well LMG is an Ag consultant. The renewable fuels association has been putting out disinformation for years now about bio-fuels which in fact get less mileage than regular gas or diesel. My own personal non scientific study showed a 20% decrease on my 7.3 using biodiesel. There are scientific studies that confirm a decrease. Yes we need alternatives to regular but ethanol (which is not renewable as corn must be planted every year), carbon sequestration construction, which will make millions for a few can decrease crop yields anywhere from 15% (corn)to 25%(soybeans) in field zones affected by pipeline construction. Benefits will be minimal at best compared to for example tailpipe emissions. References are (Tekeste et al. 2021) and a letter to the Iowa Utilities Board dated 07/29/2022. One problem here in Iowa is the Utilities board seems to favor business, period.
Bill Butler 2
I think this is a lot deeper than personal vicarious vendettas.
Leander Williams 1
You miss the real image of green. It's paper with pictures of dead presidents.
Tim Trosky 2
Exactly! Check out Summit Carbon Solutions in Iowa who are pushing sequestration as the final solution but may have to use Eminent Domain

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ExPatHere 2
No one can tell us the end price for all this so-called green-ery investment ? How much will customers be charged to cover costs of compliance? We know the billions being pored into “ transitioning to green,” but no one is telling us the end benefit? Only the government can come up with a plan this screwy.
F. M. 5
Here's a novel idea: how about NO tax credits or subsidies for EITHER petroleum or green fuels and let the free market work like it is supposed to?
Mark Gilbert 5
Pollution is a negative externality that is not addressed by the market.,those%20harmed%20by%20the%20pollution.
aknorris 0
This probably isn't the place for that argument, but look at the references on that article. Dates of publishing? 1920. 1955. 1960, 1986. One from 2008, which is 14 years old and yet the closest thing to contemporary.

My point? Times have changed. Today's market absolutely does address social issues like pollution, in ways no one imagined back in the 20's, 50's, 60's.

Government meddling -- and unintended consequences -- is very much the same.

Remove government meddling.
Let. The. Market. Work.
Tim Trosky 3
Please explain what government meddling is that you would remove. Not arguing, those words are too broad
aknorris 2
THIS! F.M. is absolutely correct. End subsidies. Let the market work.
F. M. -1
I forgot to apologize in my initial post for trying to inject common sense and logic into a situation that seems to prefer neither, at least based on some of the earlier comments.

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Tim Trosky 4
Exactly and here in Iowa they have the voters thinking everything is just fine.
Charles Ball 1
The time is now to get rid of lead based avgas, apparently the legal limit of lead in avgas is 20x higher than what was allowed in regular leaded gas
bentwing60 -5
Ethanol and green is why you can no longer purchase corn on the cob at many fried chicken joints these days, Popeyes,

Church's is one of the few to still offer the southern staple succulent, but their brand representation is rapidly goin' south in my neck-o-the woods.
Larry Toler 8
As long as they don't mess with my fried okra, lol.
Philip Lanum 3
Ethanol is created from field corn.
Corn on the cob, for human consumption, is sweet corn. Different genetics.

Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about.
boughbw 4
I can't swing a good sized rope without striking three vendors ready to sell me fresh corn on the cob. I get fresh corn on the cob at all of the local supermarkets as well as the massive retail chains and warehouse stores. If your favorite dining establishments can't find corn on the cob, it isn't because of ethanol.
Randy Marco -7
Bent you are a IGNORANT RETARDED repugnant faux entertainment watching American traitor spreading LIES...

1) Sweet Corn is NOT used to make Ethanol!

2) Ethanol is a repugnant SUBSIDIZED giveaway to the Red States.

3) Ethanol is supported by the Repugnants.

Oh and your post ISN'T "AVIATION RELATED" that you retards always scream when it's CONVENIENT for your vitriol.

Tim Trosky -1
First three I agree. Last sentence is inappropriate

[This comment was deleted.]


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