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President Biden Evacuated From Deleware Home After Aircraft Enters Restricted Airspace

Earlier today, President Joe Biden and Wife Jill Biden were evacuated from their Rehoboth Beach home to a nearby fire station after an aircraft crossed into restricted airspace. ( Más...

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linbb -3
Who give a damn about him? Bag of wind worst President so far.
paul trubits 5
I live on the Delmarva peninsula and get to ride with my friend to get a hundred dollar hamburger(now $150). They could not pay me enough to be an ATC around here. Between the commercial traffic running up and down the East coast, Military getting their hours in and the "Hornets" like this knucklehead wanting to fly down the beaches on a beautiful VFR day it is amazing that something bad doesn't happened on a regular basis. Everyone should care about POTUS and the people in charge of protecting him. This site is not about politics.
Well said. Even if it's not the guy you voted for, one day it will be. Safety should never take a back seat to politics.


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