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Russia considers relaunching Il-96 and Tu-214 programs amidst sanctions

Russia's state-owned aircraft manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) can relaunch production of Ilyushin Il-96 and Tupolev Tu-214 jets as passenger planes if required, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said on Wednesday. The quadjet Il-96 carried out its maiden flight on 28 September 1988 and made its commercial debut on 29 December 1992 with the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot. The Il-96-300 has a standard passenger capacity of 262 seats in a two-class configuration with 18… ( Más...

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Dan Chiasson 12
I believe the announcement was strategically aimed at internal (ie: Russian) consumption in an effort to quell/ feed the masses. From any other perspective, there is no commonsense in what is stated.
Jim Welch 1
Completely agree. Came here to say that, but you beat me to it!
Reginald Caton 3
It would years to set up a new production line. This to produce an 1980's airplane. The supply chain would be equally problematic. It would only be able to fly in Russia and its satellites (e.g. Belarus) as certification in the West would not happen given the ban on Russian flights and any other sanctions. The whole story is absurd and is just Russian propaganda.

They have been working on bringing it back into production for a number of years now. This is not news.

Russian aviation will continue to exist.
Dan Chiasson 5
Great but the economy will be in ruins by the time a new Il96 or Tu214 ever come on line. And even at that, where will the money come from to finance the resurrection of 1990s technology? Hummmm, fund new Su57s or Tu214s. What do you think the answer will be? IMHO, redevelopment of old technology is a red herring being used to feed the masses. The worst-case scenario may be that they replicate the Iranian model and buy used third-country western technology from fence-sitting countries like India or perhaps they will sell their soul to China and buy new Comac C-919s. Wonder how many jets they will steal from the lessors? See all the Bermuda-based Russian carrier jets be re-registered in Russia? Wonder what could be behind that? Pretty transparent move so there will most likely may frames and engines in place to keep the Russian domestic market limping along. I sense Russia may be on the precipice of tipping to a second-world type country which may explain the desperate actions of the last few months. Anyway, my 2 cents worth.
Probably from selling Natural gas to China, Pakistan, India, and petroleum, and wheat and fertilizer to the BRICS group. The West is no longer the only market with money. The west will be hurt by these sanctions more than than Russia.

You should also research de dollarization. Trading petroleum in currencies other than US dollar will make it much harder for the US to print money.

Also take a look at the Ruble exchange rate. Interesting graph. It has risen from 150 rubles to the dollar to 100 in the last 2 or so week. This should tell you something. These sanctions will not hurt as much as the elites in the west hoped for.
Dan Chiasson 1
No, but the doubling of interest rates will end up hitting Putin in the nuts if this drags on. Putin is most likely personally indebted to the Oligarchs so there will be some impact there. But the weak spot will be Putin's ability to keep the 146,000,000 citizens from picking up pitchforks in the future.
Ken Jackson 1
Russian Super Jet. Seems an oxymoran.🇺🇦

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Dan Chiasson -7
Off your meds?

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Dan Chiasson 1
Okay. 1 + 1 = 11. If that works for you, great. As for NATO, , , its called politics. An unfortunate key element in this sh*t show. When I last checked, Ukraine was not a member of NATO. I do however think that politicians are hypocritical and play games with lives. Ex , , , Iraq invades Kuwait in 1990 and bombs fall like rain. Why? Perhaps oil. Sad humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

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Roy Miller 20
I have to think that this comment was written by Mr Putin's press other possible or rational conclusion!!.
Crt Mori 5
While I agree with your economic assessment and Russian/China aerospace capabilities, I am fairly surprised you would like to actually prefer to give money for war against USA, than try to get same goods from other sources.

On the other hand since you are American, I can understand your confusion as why those sanctions were never imposed on USA when it exported its democracy to other independent countries in the Middle East region in recent years. I would indeed hope to see a bit more consistency around the world against violence of any kind (even if it is complicated). BTW the WW3 started already the same way as WW2 - annexation of Crimea is same as annexation of Sudeten, and attack on Ukraine is same as just driving over the Czechs before actual attack on "NATO" protected Poland provoked major response (this part we are still waiting - I assume poor Poland will be targeted again - or maybe Hungary this time).
Dan Chiasson 3
Only comment is that NATO did not exist prior to WW2 so very different dynamics. And Ukraine chose not to join NATO when the other former republics did. Unfortunately. It is a sad and terrible humanitarian situation that now exists based on politics. Then and now.
Dan Chiasson 1
And I am not American myself.


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