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United Suspends India Flights Due to Russian Airspace Closure

As the war in Ukraine rages, Western countries have begun restricting airspace to Russian airlines, which have been met with reciprocal airspace bans by Russia. This move is affecting United States' airline flights to and from Asia, including United's flights to India. As a result, as stated by the airline, "United has decided to temporarily suspend transiting Russian airspace to operate our flights to and from BOM (Mumbai) and DEL (Delhi) India." ( Más...

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Paul Wisgerhof 4
According to "Great Circle Mapper", EWR-BOM is 7807sm; EWR-ATH-DXB-BOM is 8189sm. Standard range for the 787-8 is 8500sm.
wx1996 2
Maybe the route must not that profitable or full, and United just used the excuse so they can keep their landing slots?
jeff slack 3
also; figure in that India has not condemned the Russian invasion.
Maybe United is pro-active and playing the escape card on an unprofitable route and using this as an excuse?
Pure speculation on my part but worth tossing around while putin tosses around if he will end human existence around the world.
mbrews 2
Two points -- 1) Air India continues to fly over Russia to North America destinations, in particular New York City USA . 2) Since United is blocked from these routes to India, Air India should see improved load factors, for routes between North America and India.
wx1996 1
Looks like they had a plane a crew left in India. It is flying home with a unique flight number for special trips.
mbrews 1
Correction. Seems that United IS able to fly from Newark EWR to India, but NOT overflying Russia. Shown as scheduled for the next few days. See UA801 from EWR to DEL New Delhi on March 3, 4 , and 5.

Follows a Persian Gulf route, then Italy , Spain, to East Coast USA. It returns to Newark as UA 3011. Equipment is Boeing 777-300 ER. Actual distance Westbound on the March 3 departure from DEL is shown as 8728 miles on Flightaware. Approx 15 hours flight time.


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