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Man Almost Fights His Way Into Airplane Cockpit on Flight From Boston, FBI Says

A man had to be detained on a flight from Boston to Puerto Rico after allegedly kicking a flight attendant, trying to get into the cockpit and telling crew members to shoot him, according to the FBI. ( Más...

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patrick baker 8
a good case made here for duct tape to be used when clearly needed.....
Highflyer1950 2
Roy Hunte 5
Zip ties, duct tape and a cosh to the head for nuts like this.
ADXbear 4
Its called a bomb / bullet proof flight deck door... that door wasn't being opened.. I think there needs to be more on flight security and marshals.
Paul Miller 1
Goodness me ? This Passenger disruption situation seems almost out of control ? I ask myself WHY has everything all of a sudden got to this stage, as prior to 2020 this kind of incident was for the most part very few and far between. I sit here waiting and waiting (for 18 months now) to get back to the Philippines and all I want to do is board the aircraft and simply sit quietly for the long trip and just hope that nothing causes for us to be diverted or delayed and simply get to my family once again out there safe and sound !!!!!


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