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L.A. City Council Seeks To Close Flight Schools/Santa Monica Airport

By Sam Bennett Monday, March 21, 2011 As a pilot, Nick Ullmann is an expert in aviation. As a flight school owner at Santa Monica Airport, Ullmann is getting a crash course in politics. Ullmann and the operators of five other flight schools at the airport find themselves under attack from an unexpected source: members of the Los Angeles City Council. For years, the city of Santa Monica has heard complaints from nearby L.A. residents about the noise and dangers of the municipal facility. But the… ( Más...

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Yeah, let them close the airport and then see what happens to the town. I guarantee that the rich people will start moving away. A quick search on Flightaware shows SEVERAL bizjets in and out, just today! And I'm pretty sure that if you close an airport that has received federal funding (per the airport sponsor's grant assurances) you will be facing some pretty hefty fines from the federal government. With the majority of California so far into debt that they can't even pay their own employees, is this really a fight they want to pick??? Someone feel free to correct that statement or provide support.
Avi8r747 0
I'm sure thats what LAX waits is for the additional general aviation aircraft congesting their already congested runways and taxi ways. They'll regret that fast...
Chris Bryant 0
Unfortunately, I don't think the penalties are severe enough. Look at the slap on the wrist Chicago got when they bulldozed the runways at Meigs Field.
crusader2009 0
This is a load of crap! I just flew over LA last week and there are general aviation aiports practically every 3-5 nautical miles! So what, do they plan on shuting them all down? EVERY ONE of these airports is in a densely populated area people. It's LA! ATC was on the job and even though I flew out over the pacific with jumbo jets departing from LAX we were never in any "danger" of colliding. These idiot politicians obviously know nothing about airspace rules. For most of my trip I flew under class B so I didn't have to deal with clearances. I will be so sad for Santa Monica if they loose this airport. In my opinion it should be made a historic landmark to be protected from these vultures. I saw dozens of airplanes during my week in California but I couldn't hear a sound beyond the constant horns honking from impatient motorists on the street!
jonathan sharkey 0
To any of the local businesses that rely on SMO, come on over to Ventura County! We've got three GA airports and would love to have you.
ric43 0
you people that buy a house near an airport then btch about the noise make all of us normal people sick.. way to go LA city council just what you are.. vultures. glad im moving away from your city, no more of my money spent there.just will never understand how you lame city councilmen/women get voted in. close down an airport and loose many more jobs... way to go council but you people don't care, you have a job...


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