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Watch This F-22 Raptor Fly Insane Maneuvers in Spectacular 4K

In a stunning new video, the U.S Air Force Air Combat Command’s F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team shows the fighter jet strutting its stuff in the skies over Alaska....Piloted by team pilot Maj. Josh “Cabo” Gunderson, the Raptor streaks into the air and performs some of the team’s signature moves: ( Más...

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bentwing60 2
To me, it's almost as visually sensual as a LearJet and as deadly efficient and menacing in appearance as a Great White. But to this old Lear driver I never cease to wonder, with an 'advertised' nearly 600 KM combat range clean, where the hell do they hide the fuel?

For the back of the bus crowd, ever carry a 'full' 5 gallon gas can?
bentwing60 1
The 600 should read NM, all these years, and still no edit function.
Hugh Loraine 3
I like the F-22, but the video had so much special effects and manipulation that it actually detracted from the effectiveness of the presentation. The manoeuvres looked neither insane nor spectacular.
Jackson Skelly 0
Special effects?? It's called EDITING.
Hugh Loraine 5
Maybe you like it, but for me it just flips from normal speed to slo-mo too often. Editing is fine if you are dealing with clips at normal speed. All that slo-mo is boring.
Bob Hallissy 1
concur. I would rather see a little slow motion and mostly real-time footage. But I didn't mind watching it anyway :-)
jmilleratp 1
At least we're getting SOMETHING for the tens of billions that have gone into this plane.


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