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What it's like to be a flight attendant during the pandemic

Flight attendants have always had unique occupational hazards, from managing bad behavior onboard to balancing perpetual jet lag. But the pandemic has brought even more (and tougher) challenges for the essential workers. ( Más...

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being a flight attendant (or in the old days,stewardess)used to be a dream job for many young ladies,before they started hiring men to do anything other than be a was worlwide travel,lovely uniforms,meeting all kinds of people and just being a gracious todays world, and actually since the 90's,the job of flight attendant has become more than looking good, and serving drinks ore even evacuating an aircraft in an emergency..its being a martial arts expert,"herding" people to the right spot,helping with luggage,checking with air marshalls,watching for suspicious behvior,babysitting people on the plane, and a whole lot they must make sure people have a mask on and take care of really irate people..the glamour is gone,the uniforms have become a bit more "tarnished",and the job is a lot more like being a bouncer and a bartender at the same time!!
One of the worst jobs on the planet. Managing entitled, narcissistic bad monkeys packed into an aluminum tube. Feeding same monkeys gruel, watching them try to shove 3 cubic feet of stuff into a 2 cubic foot overhead bin, and dealing with their raging gibberish when told it won't fit. Trying to keep them in their seats during turbulence when they need to empty their beer filled bladders. Nightmare job.


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