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After Months of Steep Declines, Air Traffic Is Picking Up

The summer travel season is kicking off this year with more uncertainty than any time in recent memory. The coronavirus pandemic has led millions of people to cancel vacation and travel plans. Airlines have lost billions of dollars in revenue, flying nearly empty planes and canceling tens of thousands of flights. ( Más...

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Highflyer1950 4
Yes, more boxes than ever are travelling the globe!
Shawn Connelly 4
There's more self loading cargo these days, too.
sharon bias 2
I know there are a lot more planes flying out of Sacramento, because they take off right over my house. They still come in waves. So from 6 am to 8 am, lots of planes take-off, then it's really quiet until 1 pm. I think they're doing that so TSA, baggage handling, restaurants, etc. can keep busy, then they can send folks home during the down times.
let us hope that as air traffic picks up, the arlines will not discontinue sanitary practices such as thorough cleaning and spacing people fear is that economics and greed will overshadow caution..out of curiosity I checked a few fares, and believe me,they are still pretty high,with no real "bargains" to entice the traveler back...
Robert Cowling 0
Just in time to infect millions more. Yippee.

I'm not looking forward to flying in October. Everything up to then, for me, has been cancelled.


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