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Boeing's Comms Plan ?

Article attributed to the NY Times, but could not find the direct url. About Boeing conference calls / presentations to airlines to lay out strategies for airlines to help win back the public's trust and convince passengers the 737 Max was safe. ( More...

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Chris B 4
I hate to say it but all the development Boeing is now doing, should have been done before the first delivery ever happened.

Even if approved to fly tomorrow, it will take weeks if not months to update the hundreds of aircraft currently delivered let alone the hundreds that are built but not delivered and have them all back in the air with the same availability as "lesser" 737s.
The damage to Boeing will be long lasting. The ongoing 737MAX issues, the quality control delays with the KC46 tankers, the engine issues associated with the Qantas Project Sunrise, and finally the dispute as to whether CEO Muilenberg was fired by the Boeing board or simply resigned. Boeing had tanked under Muilenberg's "leadership" and being fired was his just reward. Sure this will cost him millions in pay, stock options, and other benefits of his golden parachute. If he says he resigned, it's a cowards way out. The lives of 346 passengers and crew are lost forever.

My trust in Boeing has faded.


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