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Watch a full test flight of Lilium’s all-electric urban aircraft

The footage is from a test conducted at the beginning of October, and Lilium says it has now completed that phase of testing and is working on phase two. This look at its Jet in action is an illuminating three minutes, showing the aircraft going through its vertical take-off and landing process, as well as flying around and making turns before returning to its origin point. ( Más...

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hal pushpak 7
Even now, as was usual then (almost 116 years to the day) there were naysayers as the Wright Flyer got airborne for 12 seconds and covered a mere 120 feet at Kitty Hawk..
Peter Russell 1
Ducted-fan model aircraft are very noisy. Interesting that none of the Lilium flying videos I've seen has a live soundtrack. I'de like to hear it flying.
Colin Seftel 1
From"While each Lilium Jet will be fitted with 36 of our pioneering, all-electric engines, they are each one of a kind. They don’t create the sort of noise you might associate with a helicopter or a commercial jet engine, thanks to their ducted design which captures and dissipates noise before it leaves the engine."
Peter Russell 1
Thank you for your response to my post. I was impressed with the 1/10/2019 flight video of the aircraft, but the soundtrack was silent. Was there a soundtrack on the original footage?
Colin Seftel 1
I've also only seen the same published video as you.
patrick baker 0
if, and only if this company has the stamina and finances to keep evolving this thought, give them five years and several generations of development, then read the comments on that day's squawks. Range and payload improvements must occur, and they are as far along as anybody.
matt jensen 0
How many batteries and how long to recharge?

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Colin Seftel 4
The Lilian Jet is not a “flying car”. It’s a 5 seat GA aircraft. See
bentwing60 -3
So, this is like when we really have to fly off for a loaf Of bread! Just the design drag says it ain't goin far!
linbb -8
What a laugh watched it, never says the several problems with electric cars, range, payload among others. Electric cars are still not mainstream due to range for one that suffers during heater and AC operation also payload problems.


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