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HORROR CRASH Beauty queen, 18, dies crashing a plane just days after getting her pilot’s licence

A TEENAGE beauty queen has died after crash-landing her one engine plane just days after receiving her pilot licence. Lake Little, 18, had been practicing "touch and go" takeoff and landing when she crashed into a golf course on Saturday afternoon. ( More...

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ffrcobra1 3
She was not a licensed pilot yet. She was doing a final x/c before her scheduled PPL practical on July 10th. Gotta love the headline. What does “ beauty queen” have to do with being a pilot or the crash?
Pa Thomas 3
Never seen a British tabloid, I take it.
linbb -1
Real stupid as she was very nice looking young lady. Things happen and when learning how to fly one is not seasoned enough so when things go south its not good. Am sure she did her best right until then end. May she rest in peace.


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