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'Sully' Sullenberger says he struggled to recover Boeing 737 MAX in flight simulation

Washington (CNN)The pilot who orchestrated the dramatic plane landing in the Hudson River 10 years ago told a congressional panel Wednesday that he can "see how crews could have run out of time" during the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes after he struggled to recover the plane in a simulator running recreations of the doomed flights. "I recently experienced all these warnings in a 737 MAX flight simulator during recreations of the accident flights. Even knowing what was going to… ( Más...

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Highflyer1950 6
Sully had full auto trim to water touchdown thanks to the APU generator. He wouldn’t, but had he dropped the gear the aircraft would have dropped into Direct Law (I believe) and he would then have to trim the stab manually which could have been a problem. No question he saved the day and definitely more dramatic than the previous Lion Air crew who successfully assessed the problem and landed without incident. Yes, Boeing should have done better, known better, built better and trained better! Time to move on.
patrick baker 2
i differ with the writer who says it is time to move on. Into what?- blissful ignorance of cause and effe ct? i think not... Boeing needs to be castigated, spanked, exposed even more, and brought into the court of public opinion and into Federal Court over outrageous, unforgivable corporate behavior.
REquired simulator time is necessary and smart, and those machines run 24/7. If an aircraft is not predictable, it is not flyable.
Highflyer1950 6
Patrick, I agree with all you say, however there is no sense in repeating it over and over again. The manufacturer is aware, the airlines are aware and the crews that fly them are aware. Now is the time to fix it, learn from it and move on......
Viv Pike 5
OK. Agreed. So the crashes were NOT because of so-called "Third World" countries, like some people like to keep on insinuating ? Great. Move on.
Bah, I will still blame them ;-)
Viv Pike 0
I see this squawk is being down-voted by all the people who still believe that the crashes were solely down to their so-called "Third World Nation" pilots and airlines. Can't be possible that their Sully said that.
Maybe it’s downvoted because someone else posted the story two hours earlier.


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