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New 3D scanners that do not require taking out liquids and laptops, being tested at Geneva Airport

Geneva Airport recently installed two 3D scanners which do not require passengers to take out their large electronics and liquid pouches during bag scans. ( Más...

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joel wiley 5
" Gate agents will easily be able to manipulate the 3D models on their systems, allowing them to virtually tour a bag without having to open in."
Can TSA agents be trained to operate something that complex?
matt jensen 9
TSA agents haven't learned how to communicate clearly yet.
James Simms 6
And they spill the cremated remains of your relatives out onto the ground while searching for terrorists & grope 96 year old’s in a wheelchair
Went through BHX last month they wanted everything out of my bag!! Coming back through DUS I was taking them out BUT they said NO leave everything in and did NOT check inside just the scan?
Cecily Pacanin 1
About time!
Dennis Fernkes 0
March 23, 1972 was the last time I flew out of Geneva. I recall the terminal as being rather small and primitive. I assume they must have built a new one by now.
joel wiley 1
That link did not compute.


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