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Convair 340 crash in South Africa, airplane destroyed but everyone survives

A Convair 340 suffered an engine fire shortly after takeoff from Wonderboom Airport (FAWB) and came down in an industrial zone. First reports indicate that everyone on board survived, but the airplane is damaged beyond repair. The airplane was being ferried to Europe for relocation. ( Más...

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Colin Seftel 4
The plane was due be ferried to the Aviodrome air museum, near Lelystad in Holland. More details here:
Ralph Wigzell 2
It's really sad. The airfield is situated in a valley at 4500' msl not more than a few miles wide and getting over any of the ridges would have been impossible with an engine out and not feathered as I saw in pictures online. It seems they attempted to fly around for landing on the same runway from which they took off. But something went south and they crashed into a building in an industrial area on base leg. I am pretty familiar with this airfield.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Two videos on Twitter

and now the possibility of fatality/ies
Ralph Wigzell 1
One fatality reported, 2 in critical condition, all crew members.


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