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Chicago Aviation security officer fired over passenger dragging sues city, United Airlines

A Chicago aviation security officer fired after forcibly removing a passenger from a United Airlines flight last year is suing the airline and his former employer, according to court documents. James Long, a former security officer for the Chicago Department of Aviation, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the department, its commissioner, Ginger Evans, and United for a broad range of claims related to his firing. ( Más...

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Richard Orgill -1
>>>>>In Wednesday’s complaint, attorneys representing the security officers say those privileges became a casualty of political pressure brought on by a highly publicized incident in April 2017, when passengers captured video of Dr. David Dao being dragged off of an overbooked United flight at O’Hare International Airport.<<<<

Totally agree. Rookie school 101 every instructor will tell Police recruits "the City will not back you if public opinion is against you." This doctor was full of himself and forced this issue on the A/C.

City officials blinked and didn't back the LEO and in turn, once again, Chicago officials ran for cover.

Hoping the officer wins a multi-million dollar legal battle.
David Barnes 2
Not even close. Long's statement that Dr. Dao "started swinging his arms...with a closed fist" is completely false given the video. Further, his statement that "Dr. Dao fell and hit his mouth on the armrest" is also demonstrably false, again, given the video of the incident. He was thrown into the armrest by the DOA security staff.

Dr. Dao was sitting in his seat, not acting violently, but persistent that he had paid for his seat and wanted to avail himself of the use of his ticket. He was assaulted by Department of Aviation thugs including the defendant.

I hope Dr. Dao sues Mr. Long for plenty of continued defamation and emotional distress.


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