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Trump's Plan to Save Air Force from Collapse due to Pilot Shortage Won't Work, U. S. Military Says

Trump's order allows the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots to active duty to ensure it has enough aviators who are combat-ready. By law, all branches of the military are typically only allowed to bring back 25 officers at a time. But the Air Force is short 2,000 pilots as of last week, and pilot recalls aren't sufficient to meet needs. ( Más...

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btweston 2
Did you guys see Idiocracy?
Randall Kimm 0
If you want talent you have to be innovative. That means more money with better benefits,
daycare, schools, low cost quality housing for all military members. Total medical and dental care. I also want to point out that most of your political leaders are multi-millionaires. Yet these are the weasels keeping your remuneration below most NATO Countries. It will collapse with people like these (ALL POLITICIANS ARE GUILTY) running the defense of the United States. Obama really trashed your military. Instead of making American stronger, he trashed all military spending. Why would a young adult commit 10 years of their best earning potential in a career which is perceived as one of the most popular positons in the military and be paid in RUPEES instead of DOLLARS? No one will join for that nonsense. That's the reality of your problem. These people have families that have essential social needs from the AIR FORCE and they are not being delivered coherently. If you pay your pilots the NATO average and deliver the other mandatory social services. If you would treat your veterans with more respect you would not be in the mess you are in today. I am deeply troubled about our neighbours to the south. These are the best of your nation, treat them with the honour and respect and that must be accorded for all Americans. These people are the cream of your nation.
matt jensen 2
The USofA is bankrupt thanks to the previous five presidents who kept raising the debt ceiling, instead of paying down the debt.
btweston 1
You do t know what the debt ceiling actually is.
bentwing60 3
We don't know what the actual debt is!
matt jensen 1
21 Trillion and counting


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