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Military C130 Crash kills 4

Memphis bases C130 crashed in Mississippi killing 4 ( Más...

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djames225 1
Here is another article on it..
Don Maurer 1
God bless fellow Marines, rest at peace finally. All the war fighting is over.
James Simms 1
On 8 June, 1988; a C-130 USAF C-130E, "61-2373" c/n 3720 call sign Demon 51 of the 154th Tactical Airlift Training Squadron on a routine C-130 training mission to Greenville, Miss., perished near the Greenville airport after practicing touch-and-go landings
Robert Joseph 0
I thought that the Tennessee Air National Guard in Memphis only had C-17's. We get quite a few transit aircraft through this area.
Andrew Wright 2
You are correct. Early report I read had incorrect info on aircraft.
Andrew Wright 3
And sadly the updated report states 16 lives lost in the accident.
James Simms 1
I believe it made a stop @ NSA Mid-South, the former NAS Millington. NAS Millington is now Millington Jetport adjacent to NSA Mid-South.
James Simms 1
Apparently, this aircraft was from VMGR-452 the "Yankees" @ Stewart Air National Guard Base in Stewart, NY. The unit received special permission from the baseball New York Yankees to use the club's stylized "NY" & "Yankees" on their patch & I want to say the stylized "NY" on the fin but I'm not sure. Their Wiki page has the following:

"On July 10th, 2017, one of VMGR-452's KC-130T aircraft took off from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, and crashed later that afternoon in Mississippi, killing all 16 personnel onboard. A witness reported hearing a boom and then saw the plane spiral towards the ground. The crash investigation is ongoing."


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