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Officers handcuff, remove Delta passenger from flight after overhead bin squabble

A Delta passenger became irate when there was no room for his luggage in overhead bins on a plane — and was forcibly removed from the New York-bound aircraft Wednesday. The captain refused to fly the plane with the man on board. ( Más...

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Nice of Delta to rebook him. I'd have booked him on a Greyhound.
Highflyer1950 5
This is going to get worse as these idiots continue to abuse everyone that gets in their way, nothing but bullying. If you can't find space, ask the F/A who will gladly assist.
ian mcdonell 2
this is not going to change until all airlines apply their policies on cabin luggage instead of letting people get away with whatever they want

easiest solution is to fly business class
Graham Henley 1
How does the passenger who took up extra bin space ahead of their seat feel???
Tim Crookston 0
Where is it mentioned that another passenger has used HIS space in the over head lockers?overhead lockers are provided for all passengers on board, you buy a seat ticket not an overhead locker ticket,next people will be wanting their own space for their cases/luggage in the hold, maybe in the hold space under their seat!
David Barnes 1
"He began removing and throwing another passenger’s items from the bin above his seat, a Delta spokesman said."

Social custom dictates that the bin space above a row "belongs" to the row beneath.

Unfortunately, there are far too many miscreants who stow their bags in the first row, despite sitting in Row 47, therefore when passengers for those front rows arrive, the only bin space is at row 47, and nobody wants to walk all the way back to stow (and thus retrieve) their bags.
Have had to use storage away from my seat many times. I always thought it was "open" storage. Never saw a document stating I am entitled to the bin over my seat.
David Barnes 1
1. Social customs/norms aren't a written document. Just like holding the door for someone behind you with an arm full of stuff, it's the polite and courteous thing to do, but there's no formal 'rule."
2. Some bins do specifically say that they are reserved (first class, premium economy being typical).
That was my point. You're not entitled to squat. Throwing a fit just gets you and your bags tossed.
Same as the Dao case. When you don't obey officers commands you will be physically removed wheather you are on an airliner or in your car. Cops just don't suddenly say "ok, you do what you want. We'll leave. You win".
David Barnes 6
This is not the same as the Dao case. This guy by all reports caused a disturbance, started throwing other passengers' property, as was being removed for that reason. Dao was "reaccomodated" because UAL overbooked the flight by adding deadheads.

One is the passenger's fault, one is not.
I'm not taking a side on who was right or wrong. Just saying when the cops show up you obey commands or be stupid and not obey.


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