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FlightAware announces availability of PiAware version 3.5

The latest update to the free PiAware software includes significant improvements to the local map view interface. ( Más...

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bdarnell 4
Thanks, F.A. Easy upgrade.
Thomas Heard 3
Upgrade flawless. Nice new map view. Thanks, FA!
Smooth upgrade using the control panel. Really like the enhanced maps and web view.
ahuimanu 2
Can I upgrade just through the web interface?
sparkie624 2
Yes you can. As with any update, I like to do a reboot/restart. You will also have to clear your browser cache after you upgrade because the SkyView interface will screw up the webpage. Easy upgrade and doesn't take long.
sparkie624 2
Thanks FA.. Upgrade went easy.... Only thing extra that I had to do was to clear my cache because my top line went to the Left side and took up an entire column... LOL.. Easy fix so heads up to anyone that happens to.
David Baker 2
You can clear the cache and reload the map interface page on windows with the "ctrl key + f5 key"
or "ctrl key + click on reload button"

on mac you can do this by pushing "command + r key"
or "shift key + click on reload button"

The other way is to go into the browser's preferences and delete the cache.
Eric Carlson 2
Yes, make sure you do a hard refresh of your web browser window to get the new Skyview interface to load cleanly after you have upgraded to 3.5.
Nice upgrade...
Suggestion for next iteration is to make the pop-up window that appears on top of map with expanded details, to occupy less real state by removing a lot of the 'white-space' (reduce line spacing) between each of the text lines.
mdebusschere 1
I was running package install of piaware and dump1090 3.3
I ran manual upgrade, it appears from the logs piaware updated no issues to 3.5
log files look fine, shows piaware 3.5 now etc
looking at local dump1090, still shows 3.3, hence there is no new Skyview version?
Is there a missing step in the instructions?
It appears I would also need to rebuild new dump1090 package.
mdebusschere 2
Gave these steps a try, appears to be working @v3.5. THANKS - I almost started on my own ledgends !!

systemctl stop dump1090-fa
apt-get update
apt-get install dump1090-fa
clear web browser cache
reload page in browser.
pperring 1
All was working well then updating from 3.3 to 3.5 using FA web control panel bricked my Pi. Currently reloading Jessie Lite and then PiAware and FR24.
RPi 1B, USB WiFi, 8GB SD card.
sparkie624 1
I had a similar problem with the 3.30 upgrade and something blew up my PiAware.. I had to get another one and been working great. I went from the yellow stick with a filter to a blue stick with no filter and the best upgrade I ever did. Everything would light up normally, but it just would not talk to the PiAware stick.


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