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Passengers on flight delayed for 42 hours have nowhere to stay - because Auckland is booked out for Adele

Passengers on a Malaysia Airlines flight delayed by more than 42 hours due to a mechanical fault are stranded at Auckland Airport because all nearby accommodation is booked out for Adele. People were sleeping on chairs in the airport's KFC overnight with their luggage around them as they waited to catch the Kuala Lumpur-bound flight, the father of one passenger told the Herald. ( Más...

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Typical of the Asian carrier yet they cannot respect there passengers and have priority accommodation reserved only just want the money Greedy and low that's why they have written off two Boeing 777's one shot down one never found! we i bet they know the location of MH370 If Qantas and Air NZ can get passengers into hotels from delays MAS could as well
I din't fly MAS at all I risk my life doing that as i did with Air France having BBQ's at the end of runways with A330'S


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