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Pilots Begged Controllers for Emergency Landing

The aircraft carrying a Brazilian football team that crashed Monday night after apparently running out of fuel begged Colombian air-traffic controllers for clearance to land, but were denied permission as a second plane was already engaged in an emergency landing, according to an extraordinary audio exchange between the co-pilot of a third flight who overheard the desperate final messages. ( Más...

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I figure that he would have used about 20,000pounds of fuel to fly that distance, even in Nil headwind conditions. Marginal, even for a full tanks ferry flight with a zero payload...
Robert Fleming 1
My stupid computer wouldn't let me finish reading this article w/o blacking out. Are you saying that the Brazilian Soccer team died because Colombian ATC wouldn't let their plane, which was out of fuel, or at least running out of fuel, land, because there was already a plane in the middle of an emergency landing? Is that country's ATC THAT INCOMPETENT? WOW. Now THAT'S A TOTAL SHAME!
This approx 1650nm sector was way beyond the IFR range capability of the aircraft, especially with a heavy payload. Cruise TAS approx 395knots.
joel wiley 1
This could get ugly....
Aviate. Navigate. THEN Communicate...if there's time.
Mark Lansdell 2
I agree in general. But, the article was short and inconsistent. The electric was out but they were able to use the radio. What was the other inflight emergency? why are we getting radio information 2nd hand from another aircraft? If your out of gas,land the airplane and face consequences later. " PILOT IN COMMAND ". Finally, why was the aircraft out of fuel in the first place.
Per the other emergency -
A320 with a suspected fuel leak.
Mark Lansdell 1
Suspecien trumps actual in Columbia? Oh that inflight refulin, Don'
Mark Lansdell 0
"Oh that Ba inflight refulin, don't leave no time for foolin.
The bastard won't fly wnen the tanks they run dry.
You depend on that inflight refulin."
Oscar Brand
Frank Harvey 1
It will be interesting to read the ATC tape transcript in the actual report whenever that is released (maybe a year or so from now ?).


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