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Plane lands on I-85 in Atlanta

Small plane landed on I-85 in Atlanta during rush hour. ( Más...

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Harold Wright 0
Pilot did masterful job fitting in with the traffic. No injuries except to plane.
why did he land there? maintenance issue or pilor error
Luther Wells 0
Any landing you walk away from is a great landing. Pilot did his job, everyone was safe.
Tony Alston 0
Why was it a gear up landing? The prop is curled indicating a turning engine. Was it a total system failure? Something else must have happened to put a plane down on its belly on a highway.
My guess is with all that was going on the gear may have been forgotten or maybe he didn't want a long roll out. Did you notice the power line just in front of where the plane stopped?
jim78418 0
Here is a better report:
It was engine failure.
Gene Roerig 0
Talked to pilot. He says gear was down, was really having to stretch the glide to make the highway- when speed got slow sink rate increased- hard landing collapsed the gear.
wow i wouldnt want to be on that freeway then
Ben Greenwald 0
I drive that freeway on the way to work and that was not an easy landing. The road is anything but flat or straight and there are quite a few signs and power lines that stretch across the road. I'm not sure if the pilot was good or lucky, but I'm glad everything worked out for him.
but what was the reason he landed there?
gwinnett aero 0
there was no engine failure. the pilot was switching fuel tanks and accidentally switched it to off.


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