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Emirates still recovering from post-crash Dubai disruption

Emirates is still recovering its schedule following severe disruption at Dubai caused by the accident involving one of the carrier’s Boeing 777s. Fifty Emirates services were either cancelled or diverted following the 3 August accident, affecting some 23,000 passengers, as Dubai was closed for 6h. ( More...

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I heard that the FA's did superb, they evacuated everyone off the plane within seconds. A truly great job from the crew on board. What a harrowing experience!
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
An accident / incident / crash landing when any thing could have happened , but did not !
Every one is safe and sound , plus all the relevant equipment.
An excellent and a rare opportunity to study why-with-all of every thing.The study will go a long way in ensuring better safety measures , in terms of operations and manufacturing alike, be it malfunction , defective engineering including in efficient maintenance and inapt operation / flying.
After all a few things did go hay wire , putting question marks on both , man and machine !


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