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Things we tolerate when we fly commercial (humor)

The Oatmeal's latest web comic (mild language) describes the various annoyances we put up with when we fly commercial airlines. All humor has a kernel of truth at its heart. ( Más...

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Grant Beattie 0
haha very funny got a good laugh.
Ralph Connell 0
I can relate to the shoes and socks bit..A hot..sticky night in Dubai after 7hours from SA at 2 am...Not fun at make it irate official hurryiing one up ....Not good.
eric botha 0
Yep - Two things that facinates me:

1. People sit for hours at airports, but as soon as the seatbelt light goes off, they want to go to the loo. What should one call it Looabetic??

2. The urge of some people to switch on their cell phones right after the announcement was made that cell phones may only be switched on after the aircraft doors have been opened.....I mean really they still have to go through airport redtype would 10 minutes make a difference??
Ralph Connell 0
Good observations! :-) Same issue with those that need the loo as soon as they get on the thing....AND..then battle their way to one that is against the flow of the already irate 'Self Loading Freight.' No toilets inside the Airport...or a real fear of flying? One wonders...


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